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The Easy Way to Finance a New Outboard for Your Boat

With better terms than you might expect, repowering is a great option.

The Easy Way to Finance a New Outboard for Your Boat

There are many reasons why someone might want to put a new outboard on their boat, ranging from sub-par performance to stories like Derek Horner repowering his boat because the old engine required incessant repairs. At some point in time, no matter how well you cared for it, or how well it was originally built, an outboard engine will begin to show its age. And if you love your boat and don’t want to give it up, repowering it is a great way to keep enjoying it for years to come.

Is it true that you need a huge amount of cash upfront? No, not at all! In fact, with 10 percent down you can commonly finance a repower job with Mercury Repower Financing.

What’s even better is that Mercury Repower Financing is fast, simple and has terms that are probably a lot better than you’d guess. From $5,000 to $50,000, you can arrange the financing quickly, often get same-day closing and finance a complete package, including the engine, gauges and controls, rigging, labor and even Mercury Product Protection plans. And because you can apply for Mercury Repower Financing at the dealership, it really couldn’t be any easier or more convenient.

Today’s Repower Loans are Easier Than Ever

Repower loans used to require re-titling of the boat to act as collateral. But the Mercury Repower Financing program is set up specifically to avoid this issue and make the process seamless, by using the engine itself as security and only offering the program through a Mercury Authorized Dealer who performs the installation. Mercury dealershave access to all the paperwork online, so from the dealer’s perspective getting the loan set up is usually just a matter of getting the down payment, filling out a few forms and sending a few emails. And from the buyer’s perspective it’s as simple as going to the same Mercury dealer they’ve grown to trust through the years.

Repowering Has Many Advantages

Repowering your boat can make it feel like new again – maybe even better than new. There are numerous advantages to repowering your current boat with a new outboard. For starters, you get to keep the boat you love, and compared to purchasing a new boat package, repowering can save you quite a bit of money. Plus, with an older outboard, it can be tricky to find the parts needed to maintain it. That’s not the case with a new engine. With a new Mercury outboard, you’ll get the added peace of mind that comes with our standard limited warranty. A new Mercury engine could also give you a big boost in performance and efficiency. Featuring the latest advancements in marine technology, a new Mercury engine is going to be more intuitive and easier to operate than a prior generation engine – and a whole lot more fun. To learn more about the many benefits of repowering your boat with a new Mercury engine, check out this Dockline blog

Also, remember that since the cost of new controls can be rolled into your Repower Financing, the door will be opened to a number of innovative new features and functions. Depending on your outboard and horsepower, you can add SmartCraft® digital technologies and get features like automatic trimming via Active Trim control. You might also be able to take advantage of Adaptive Speed Control (ASC), which maintains steady engine rpm regardless of conditions, while enjoying the latest smooth and reliable Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls. As you take advantage of these upgrades to your boat, also remember that in the long run repowering isn’t as expensive as it might initially seem. Compared to older engine technology, you can save on operational expenses, thanks to the improved fuel efficiency of the new FourStroke models. In the long run, the more you use your rig the more you’ll end up recouping — and that’s not even taking resale value into consideration.

Repower Financing Alternatives

Are there other options when it comes to financing a repower? Of course there are. But they may not include the costs of rigging and controls. They may force you to re-title the boat to serve as security, and they almost certainly won’t be as simple to set up as working directly through your Mercury dealer with Mercury Repower Financing. Of course, repowering is a major decision, and we understand that many people will still have some questions about the options at hand. So, visit our Repower Financing FAQ page or visit your local Mercury dealer to learn more.

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