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Mercury Powers Up its Electric Outboard Lineup

New Avator 20e and 35e outboards give boaters more power for more adventure.

Mercury Powers Up its Electric Outboard Lineup

For fishing, fun or relaxation, every boater connects with the water in their own way. At Mercury, we seek to expand those connections by creating new opportunities for people to experience the joy of boating.

New opportunities like our just-released Mercury Avator™ 20e and 35e electric outboards. Unveiled at a special event in Amsterdam, the new Avator outboards join the 7.5e model in our low-voltage electric propulsion lineup.

The 20e and 35e propulsion systems operate with the same tiller or remote controls, transom bracket, and digital display options as the 7.5e outboard, while giving boaters greater power and flexibility to pursue their adventures.

Modular Batteries

The 20e and 35e outboards share a common architecture, including a modular battery system that lets boaters work with a Mercury Authorized Dealer to build the propulsion system that meets their needs.  

“We know from talking to boaters about electric propulsion that flexibility is important. That’s because there’s demand for electric outboards for many applications across the world,” said Jim Hergert, senior category manager for small outboards at Mercury. “To accommodate boaters’ needs, we created an entirely new battery system that lets each boater decide how much battery capacity they want.

“For instance, they could pair a single Avator 2300Wh battery with a tiller-model outboard and have a true portable system. Or, they can have our all-new Avator Power Center installed in their boat. It’s essentially a central power-distribution hub that can connect up to four batteries for extended range and runtime.”

More Power for More Adventure

Powering up the Avator lineup brings new capabilities for more boating activities. In recent Mercury testing with a 12-foot Lund® WC-12 aluminum utility boat, the Avator 20e outboard produced similar acceleration as a 5hp four-stroke outboard. The 35e model accelerated at a similar rate as a 9.9hp four-stroke outboard.

They’re also capable of greater speed and acceleration than the 7.5e model. Just keep in mind that performance will vary based on load, boat type and conditions.

“The 20e and 35e are made for small boats, but they have the power and torque to handle some new applications,” said Hergert. “We’ve seen impressive results in testing with an 18-foot pontoon. Or if you enjoy fishing or other gear-intensive outdoor activities, these outboards can handle the extra weight of your tackle or equipment in a small aluminum boat. That’s on top of other popular applications like powering sailboat tenders, exploring with boats like the Veer™ V13 or recreational boating in areas where internal combustion engines are not allowed.”

Choose Your Charge Time

In addition to a flexible battery system, Mercury engineered multiple chargers with 20e and 35e compatibility. The 230W charger can recharge a fully depleted 2300Wh battery in approximately 10 hours. The 520W charger can cut the charge time by more than 50 percent.

On boats with the Avator Power Center installed, all connected batteries can be charged simultaneously from the Power Center’s charging port.

Enhanced Connectivity

Avator electric outboards are the first propulsion systems from Mercury to be compatible with the new Mercury Marine app. A SmartCraft® Connect module installed on the outboard provides a wireless connection to the app. This module is available as an accessory for the Avator 7.5e outboard, and it comes pre-installed on the 20e and 35e outboards.

The app is the ultimate Avator adventure companion. It leverages GPS to display visual range estimates on a map for easy route planning. Other features include digital gauges, tutorials and a tool for connecting with a preferred dealer.

“Avator connected technologies are another example of our approach to innovating complete propulsion systems,” said Hergert. “We don’t only build outboards. We create entire systems that make boating easier. That’s one thing that makes the Avator lineup so special. We refined everything from the controls and full-color displays to the charging system, safe battery technology and even an Avator-specific prop. All to make boating easy and fun. And now, we have two more models in the lineup that provide even more options for getting out on the water.”

Availability and More Information

Avator 20e and 35e electric outboards are available to order now from Mercury Authorized Dealers. The Avator 7.5e outboard is also available now. Find a dealer to start your Avator journey today. 

Explore the full lineup of Mercury Avator electric propulsion systems at

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