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Quick Tip: Best Battery Care

Take care of your battery to keep it reliable.

Quick Tip: Best Battery Care

No matter how awesome your boat and engine might be, they’re not going anywhere if your battery is lifeless.

Before your battery goes into storage, take a few minutes to provide care that will ensure it’s ready to go boating when you are. In this Quick Tip video from Mercury Marine, we’ll show you a few easy steps that will help you charge, remove and store your batteries the right way. Then, when you’re ready to get your boat back on the water, you’ll have all the power you need to start your engine, run your electronics and return home safely. Proper battery maintenance and storage will also maximize the life and overall performance of these critical components.

Remember: Well-cared-for batteries are essential to avoid a frustrating delay at the boat ramp or, even worse, being stranded out on the water.
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