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Feb. 11, 2021

The V12 Verado: Powerfully Crafted. Gracefully Refined.

Innovative features and remarkable technology enabled Mercury® to create the most advanced outboard on the market.


The Mercury Verado® engine family has always stood for premium quality and quiet, refined performance. That hasn’t changed, only now Mercury has further elevated the Verado brand with a new engine that raises the standards of premium design and engineering.

The Mercury 7.6L V12 600hp Verado outboard combines incredible power, innovative features and integrated digital technologies to deliver an unrivaled luxury boating experience.

“Freedom, luxury and power. That’s what we delivered with the new V12 Verado outboard,” said Mercury President Chris Drees. “We leveraged advanced engineering and design capabilities to make this not only our most powerful outboard engine, but also the quietest high-horsepower outboard on the market. It has incredible range and fuel economy. It’s simple to maintain. The driving experience is exceptional. Even the controls have been enhanced with the addition of our all-new Next Gen Digital Throttle & Shift system.

“The V12 Verado outboard showcases Mercury’s commitment to innovating, and it promises substantial advancements for the future of outboard-powered boats.”

See how the V12 Verado is redefining outboard performance.

Redefining Performance for a Larger Class of Boats

With boats continuing to grow bigger and performance expectations continuing to increase, boaters and boatbuilders have been asking for a better, more capable high-horsepower solution to meet their needs. The V12 Verado outboard is Mercury’s answer.  

At 600hp, the new engine can deliver sensational overall performance while increasing horsepower or reducing the number of outboards needed to power popular boat models, some of which are commonly rigged with up to six 300 to 450hp outboards. Having fewer engines reduces maintenance and operating expense, while improving the boating experience and visual balance of the boat.

“By engineering a narrow-angle, naturally aspirated V12 powerhead, we were able to achieve the displacement needed for 600hp, while still occupying less transom and cockpit space than competitive high-horsepower products,” said Mercury Vice President of Product Development and Engineering Tim Reid. “That’s a huge advantage for boaters looking for more total power on popular boats. Plus, we already know of several builders designing new boats around this engine.”

Power plus refinement contributes to the luxury experience of the engine. It’s been tuned and tested to minimize noise, with a unique cowl design and a rugged evolution of the Advanced MidSection mounting system that combine to stop vibrations from reaching the boat.

“At 600hp, it’s still as quiet and smooth as the V8 300hp Verado,” said Drees. “Even with multiple engines running and the boat on plane, you can have a conversation with the person next to you. It’s remarkable.”

Extraordinary Power and Range

With class-leading 7.6-liter displacement, the V12 powerhead generates substantial torque to quickly propel big boats out of the hole without having to work hard to do it. Less work means a longer service life and contributes to profound fuel economy.

Other efficiency-enhancing features throughout the engine, including an intelligent closed-loop fuel system, a hydrodynamic gearcase and Advanced Range Optimization (ARO), give boaters the benefit of exceptional range to explore farther and stay out longer.

In one comparison, dual V12 600hp Verado outboards delivered 20% better fuel economy at cruise and 24% better fuel economy at wide-open throttle than triple competitive 425hp outboards on a 43-foot day boat.

“It’s efficient, yet the engine still has remarkable power,” said Drees. “People can’t get over the acceleration. Even in a large boat, it puts you back in your seat.”

Shifting What’s Possible with a Two-speed Transmission

The rapid acceleration and efficient performance made possible with the new Verado are products of several outboard firsts, including a two-speed automatic transmission.

First gear is about 20% lower than second gear, contributing powerful propeller torque during hole shots – so the boat levels off quickly – and a low propeller speed that provides authoritative low-speed control around docks. Once the transmission shifts to second gear, engine speed (rpm) comes down, further improving fuel economy and providing a quiet, smooth ride. In second gear, the engine continues to deliver power at cruise and impressive acceleration up to top speed.

“The shifting event is remarkably quiet,” added Reid. “Unless you’re watching the tachometer, you don’t even know it’s shifted to second. And when shifting in and out of gear, there’s virtually no ‘clunk,’ which makes for a calm, quiet experience while operating a multi-engine boat with Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards.”

A New Way to Steer an Outboard

The steerable dual-propeller gearcase is another innovative first for an outboard, and it enhances the driving experience at all speeds.

On plane, handling is sporty and responsive because there’s no engine weight shifting left or right when the boat turns. When using Joystick Piloting, there’s no distracting engine movement above the water; no clunky side-to-side swinging outboards. Directional adjustments occur through smooth and seamless gearcase steering below the water.

The grip and authority provided by the extra blade area of the contra-rotating propellers allows for precise maneuvering at docking speeds and rapid acceleration, and it’s all tied together with Mercury’s latest electronic control systems.

Automotive-like electro-hydraulic steering and the Next Gen Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system come standard with the new Verado to give the driver total command of the boat. Next Gen DTS delivers the same effortless shifting and throttle response as its predecessor, but with improved control ergonomics and intuitive push-button access to popular SmartCraft® digital technologies such as Active Trim incorporated directly on the throttle control base.

Go Farther. Explore Further.

With the V12 Verado outboard, maintenance is simple and quick, so boaters can spend more time on the water and less time dealing with routine service. The engine can run for 200 hours between oil changes, which is twice as long as other high-horsepower engines. Most regularly scheduled service can be done through an innovative, expansive service hood while the boat is still in the water. No hauling out. No hassle. More in-depth maintenance isn’t needed until 1,000 hours or five years.

The new Verado outboard also shares DNA with an all-new 500hp SeaPro™ commercial outboard, and every aspect has been engineered to the durability and reliability standards demanded by professional operators. That includes rugged components, superior hardening, corrosion-protective finishes and a suite of new lubricants designed to protect internal parts from corrosion and wear even in extreme conditions. Every design has been validated by punishing endurance tests to make sure this engine can deliver years of trouble-free operation.

“Simply put, when you boat with the new V12 Verado, you can go as far as you want to go and stay as long as you need to, without worrying about your engine,” said Drees. “That’s what we call ultimate boating freedom. It’s outboard performance reimagined.”

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The V12 Verado: Powerfully Crafted. Gracefully Refined.
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