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Through seamless engine integration, VesselView® displays and connected systems make boating easier and simpler for anyone, bringing performance data and select SmartCraft® controls to your fingertips.

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See more, do more

Monitor vital engine data

The VesselView interface lets you monitor critical engine data such as fuel flow, fuel efficiency, engine hours, rpm, trim settings, speed and more from a dedicated VesselView display, a compatible display from other leading brands or your mobile device.

Control SmartCraft features

From a compatible display, you can take control of powerful SmartCraft digital technologies, including Troll Control, Smart Tow®, AutoPilot, Active Trim and Cruise Control*. 
*SmartCraft feature compatibility varies by engine and display.

Make the most of the screens you use most

You can access the VesselView experience from the device most convenient to you. Go with a dedicated VesselView display or integrate one from a leading brand. Or connect your mobile device using VesselView Mobile. 

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Monitor critical engine data while taking control of powerful SmartCraft® digital technologies.


VesselView Mobile

VesselView Mobile® wirelessly connects your engine to your mobile device, giving you unique insights and details into your Mercury engine.


VesselView Link

Integrate compatible multi-function displays from Lowrance® and Simrad® with your Mercury engine.


SmartCraft Connect

Integrates with Simrad®, Garmin®, and Raymarine® displays, as well as Avator™ outboards and the Mercury Marine app.

SmartCraft® The power to do more

SmartCraft® is a full suite of digital technologies, fully integrated and totally coordinated. Gauges, sensors, vessel systems, computer-controlled features – one total package, one high level of control. Make your boating experience easier, safer and a lot more enjoyable.

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Smart Tow

Smart Tow® takes the guesswork out of tow sports with the touch of a button, launching skiers, tubers and wakeboarders at their preferred speed. Digital surf controls coordinate ballast, surf tabs and propulsion settings, ensuring the perfect perpetual wave.

Troll Control

Troll Control eases the critical task of precisely maintaining a targeted trolling speed by locking in the engine rpm. Once set, adjustments can be made in 10 rpm increments to counter changes in direction, current or wind.

Active Trim

With just a push of a button, Active Trim automatically optimises trim levels, adapting on the fly to turns, having a great reaction time at the start and water conditions to ensure smooth, efficient trips.

Skyhook advanced features

Joystick piloting combined with SkyHook advanced features lets you digitally anchor the boat and line up accurate drifts, all with the push of a button.

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