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Verado® outboards are a call to adventure. Freedom in the form of meticulous, all-or-nothing engineering. With exceptional power, smooth performance and a host of smart, exclusive features, Verado outboards exceed even the highest expectations. 

Power without compromise

Even with heavy loads or in tough conditions, Verado outboards barely break a sweat. Their high-displacement powerheads generate serious torque for muscle and reliability, ensuring confident runs over long distances and choppy water. Every aspect of a Verado outboard was designed to deliver an unsurpassed boating experience – one that delights the senses without overpowering them. Engine noises are cancelled out. Vibrations are minimised. Verado outboards let you fully immerse in the joy of being on the water. Verado outboards shift your expectations of what high-horsepower performance feels like. They come to life with impressively responsive power, propelling you forward to sensational top speeds. Handling is effortless thanks to intuitive digital controls and an advanced steering system. It is an unrivalled driving experience only Verado can provide.

Verado advantages


The Mercury-exclusive Advanced MidSection (AMS) isolates the powerhead to deliver a smoother, quieter ride than ever before. It is comfort in a class of its own.

Easy maintenance

An easy-access door on the top cowl takes the hassle out of routine engine oil checks and fills. On the V12 Verado outboard, all 200 hour service procedures can be done while the boat is in the water.


Premium corrosion-preventive technologies and heavy-duty components ensure Verado outboards can stand up to the most demanding marine environments.


Verado outboards deliver superior kpl across every rpm thanks to a host of efficiency-enhancing features that optimise fuel economy. 

SmartCraft® The power to do more

Mercury SmartCraft® digital technologies refine the entire boating experience to ensure every day on the water reaches its full potential. From intelligent gauges and displays to advanced systems that make boat control easy, SmartCraft gives you the power to do more with your time on the water.

Digital Throttle & Shift

Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls deliver silky-smooth shifting and instant throttle response, with zero hesitation. With integrated SmartCraft technologies and an intuitive user interface, DTS puts you in complete command of your adventures.

Skyhook advanced features

Joystick piloting for Outboards includes access to Mercury Skyhook® advanced features, which allow you to “digitally anchor” the boat in current, set and maintain a heading, lock the bow in place or line up accurate drifts. Just punch a button, and the system goes to work making subtle adjustments to keep you on the spot or in front of the fish.

Joystick piloting for outboards

Available for multi-engine, Verado-powered boats, joystick piloting for outboards offers fingertip control of throttle, shift and steering so you can dock and manoeuvre precisely, safely and with confidence. Move sideways, diagonally or spin the boat on its own axis with total control in wind or current.


VesselView® displays transform the helm of the boat into the ultimate command centre by linking together the Mercury propulsion system with compatible onboard accessories. You can monitor engine data, control SmartCraft digital technologies, view charts and sonar, and even operate onboard entertainment systems all from one intuitive touchscreen interface.

Warranty & maintenance

Warranty coverage

Mercury makes world-class marine products backed by world-class warranties.


MerCruiser tow sport engines are thoughtfully designed to minimise maintenance and ensure you get the most from your time on the water.

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