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Precision Lubricants

Mercury Precision Lubricants® are specially formulated for the unique needs of marine engines. They are rigorously tested to original-equipment manufacturer standards to help protect and extend the life of your engine.

Performance and protection you can trust

Made for Marine

Boat engines work hard on the water, operating under higher stress and in a more corrosive environment than automotive engines. Mercury Precision Lubricants are certified to meet NMMA® standards and proven to perform in demanding marine conditions. Do not risk a failure out on the water by using oil that is not designed for the job.

Superior corrosion prevention

On the water or in long-term storage, internal corrosion is your engine’s enemy. Mercury marine engine oils contain superior anti-corrosion inhibitors that exceed industry standards by 32% and outperform competitive oils. In a 24-hour extreme condition test, Mercury 4-stroke engine oil provided 150% better corrosion protection than the competition.

Better viscosity retention

Marine engines operate at a high rpm, under heavy load and in a wide range of temperatures. This challenging duty can break down inferior lubricants quickly. Mercury engine oils maintain their viscosity up to 40% longer than competing marine oils and 56% longer than automotive oil for superior engine protection.

Mercury Precision Lubricants products

4-stroke engine oils

Available in mineral, synthetic-blend and full-synthetic formulas for good, better, best engine protection.

2-stroke engine oils

Available in multiple formulations for all types of 2-stroke marine outboards.

Gear lubes

Waterproof marine-grade greases keep your boat and engine parts moving smoothly. 

Oil change kits

Convenient, all-in-one kits contain everything you need for an easy oil change.

Anti-freeze coolant

Provides protection against corrosion and scale formation in closed-loop cooling systems.

Trust your local Mercury experts

For all your service and maintenance needs; a local Mercury authorised dealer is the best source for genuine Mercury parts, expert advice and factory-trained technicians.

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