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Quick Tip: How to Remove Your Boat Cover

Removing and installing a boat cover is fast and easy with a little know-how.

Quick Tip: How to Remove Your Boat Cover

Boat covers are an awesome invention. A good cover will keep leaves from staining the deck and plugging the boat’s drainage system, and it will keep your seats dry and the windshield clean between outings. It’ll also discourage pets and varmints from exploring and nesting inside your boat.

However, some people will skip covering their boat, or forgo buying one altogether, due to the perceived hassle of taking it on and off. For most boats, this logic is just plain false: Covering your boat saves way more time, effort and even money than doing without a cover. The fact is, an uncovered boat will get much dirtier, leaving you with the options of using your boat with the seats damp and dirty and with leaves moldering in the corners or spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning it up before you hit the water. Your boat’s vinyl, carpeting and topside fiberglass will also look new much longer with a cover protecting them from the sun and rain.

Removing a boat cover is quick and easy if you follow the simple process you’ll see in this Mercury Quick Tip video. All you need to do is unhook the fasteners or straps, depending on your cover type, fold evenly from back to front and store it in a dry place before you hit the ramp. Once the day is done and your boat is clean and dry, just reverse the steps to get the cover securely fastened back to the hull. If you establish a routine and stick with it, you’ll soon see how covering and uncovering your boat pays off in saved time and a cleaner, nicer vessel.

Please note, some covers are not made to be left on the boat during towing, so make sure you understand your particular cover’s limitations before you head down the road.

Quick Tip: How to Remove Your Boat Cover
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