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Precision Care

Mercury Precision Care® products protect your investment by helping you keep your Mercury engine looking and operating like new.

Precision Care for your Mercury

Mercury fuel care system

The fuel in your boat requires special care to prevent oxidation and the formation of deposits that can reduce your engine’s performance. The Mercury fuel care system is formulated to keep your fuel optimised, protect your fuel system, and prevent or remove harmful deposits that can degrade performance over time.

Corrosion and finish protection

The dangers of corrosion are a constant threat to every boat or engine that spends time in the water. Mercury Precision Care products like Corrosion Guard and Spotless Shine paint help you keep the damaging effects of corrosion at bay and your equipment looking like new.

Paint restoration

Genuine Mercury paint is an exact match for the original colour and finish on your engine and contains UV blockers to protect the surface from sun damage. It is available in convenient spray cans and pens for a do-it-yourself touch-up. 

Mercury Precision Care products


Helps prevent corrosion, gum and varnish build-up, and other problems associated with ethanol-blended fuels. 


Removes carbon deposits from fuel system and internal engine components to prevent knocking and piston seize-up.


Stabilises and helps prevent regular and ethanol-blended fuel from breaking down and oxidising during long-term boat storage. 

All-in-One Spotless Shine

Removes tough water spots from hot, cold, wet or dry surfaces and leaves a streak-free shine. Safe to use on painted and waxed finishes.

Corrosion Guard Engine Protect

Creates a protective film that seals out air, moisture and salt to help prevent rust and corrosion from forming on under-cowl components.

Paint & finish products

Touch up your outboard or sterndrive with easy-to-apply paints and compounds that match the factory finish.

Cleaning products

Maintain a showroom shine on your boat and engine’s exterior surfaces and under-cowl areas with Mercury cleaning products. 

Trust your local Mercury experts

For all your service and maintenance needs; a local Mercury authorised dealer is the best source for genuine Mercury parts, expert advice and factory-trained technicians.

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