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All About Mercury Gauges & Displays

Mercury offers a wide range of options to monitor your boat’s important functions.

All About Mercury Gauges & Displays

Being able to easily monitor your boat’s vital signs and critical functions is important when you are out on the water. Depending on the type of boat you have and the engine or engines that power it, Mercury Marine® offers several ways to keep tabs on your boat’s operation to help you feel confident, comfortable and safe. From basic analog gauges up to fully integrated digital displays, each provides varying levels of information, convenience and control to meet your boating needs. Let’s take a closer look at the options.

New Analog Gauges

Ideal for boats with basic mechanical controls, Mercury analog gauges are simple, rugged and reliable. The product line has been recently updated and refreshed with new graphics, modern finishes and improved lighting to provide enhanced style and visibility. Choose between the Mercury Classic line with chrome bezels and the Mercury Sport line with brushed stainless steel or matte black bezels. Both are available with white or black gauge faces to fit your style. New backlight diffuser rings in each gauge distribute soft, even light across the face to improve appearance at night and make the gauges easier to read in all lighting conditions compared to old-style bulbs.

Analog gauges are available in a variety of functions to monitor all the essential information you need for your boat and engine, including engine rpm, boat speed, fuel level, oil pressure, battery voltage, trim level and more. They are compatible with most Mercury engines.

For boaters seeking even more control over information about their boat and engine, Mercury offers several digital gauge options that allow users the flexibility to customize exactly what data is shown and how it’s displayed.


Mercury VesselView® is a fully integrated, onboard information management system that puts more boat and engine data at your fingertips than any other system in the boating industry. With a VesselView display, you can monitor up to six Mercury SmartCraft®-compatible engines from an intuitive LCD screen that displays rpm, speed, fuel flow, volts, temperature, trim and more. VesselView displays can support Active Trim, Smart Tow®, Troll Control and many other features, for the ultimate in boating confidence and convenience.

VesselView Mobile

The VesselView Mobile® app displays key data for up to four engines on your smartphone (Android® or Apple® iPhone®), putting the ability to wirelessly monitor the data points you want to see in the palm of your hand. With many data points to choose from, you can customize up to three screens to fit your needs and style. Data is displayed in real time, providing immediate access to engine rpm, fuel burn rate, boat speed and fluid-pressure levels – anything that can be measured on analog gauges can be more precisely displayed with VesselView Mobile. The app can also share data and connect you directly to your preferred Mercury Authorized Dealer for important maintenance updates.


With easy access to Troll Control, Smart Tow launch profiles and other digital systems, MercMonitor puts you in command of your boat with a combination of flexibility and great value. The fully customizable, multi-color touchscreen display provides critical data on dozens of engine and boat functions, including temperature, depth, alarms, rpm, speed, water pressure, fuel flow and more, for the ultimate in information access and functionality. Designed to enhance your time on the water, it’s an ideal option for a wide range of outboard and sterndrive boats with single or multi-engine platforms.

Digital SC100 & SC1000

Accurate boat and engine information and precise digital control come together in Mercury Digital SC100 and SC1000 monitors. Digital SC100 and SC1000 gauges cover most boat and engine functions, including speed, rpm, trim, depth, alarms, water pressure, fuel flow and more. They’re perfect for a wide range of boat styles and engines, including outboards and sterndrives, and single- and multi-engine configurations. When linked to Mercury SmartCraft® digital technology, Troll Control, Smart Tow and many other smart and useful digital control systems are also available to the boater for even more comfort, safety and control.

With solutions for every type of boat and boater, Mercury gauges and displays put you in command of exactly the right amount of information you need to be a safe and confident boater. The choice is yours.

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