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5 Ways George Poveromo Uses VesselView Mobile

This helpful app makes it easy for the Mercury pro to keep his equipment and his fishing show running smoothly.

4 Ways George Poveromo Uses VesselView Mobile

Given the amount of time George Poveromo spends on the water fishing, filming and working with his partners, having a tool to help him stay organized and on track is vital for keeping his business and his show – “World of Saltwater Fishing” – running on schedule. He can’t afford any downtime. That’s why he relies on the VesselView Mobile® app. The app helps him manage routine service while also providing performance data that allows Poveromo to unlock his boat’s full potential on the water.

Check out the video and the list below to learn some of the ways Poveromo utilizes the VesselView Mobile app’s features on a regular basis.

1. Scheduling Routine Maintenance

Poveromo is a stickler for following the Mercury maintenance schedule prescribed for the three 400hp Verado® outboards that power his MAKO® 334 offshore boat. He puts a lot of hours on his engines in a season, and the VesselView Mobile app makes it easy to keep track of his maintenance schedule on his phone, so he can schedule his service appointments from anywhere.

The app’s preferred dealer feature also lets Poveromo share engine data with TNT Custom Marine, his servicing dealer in North Miami, Florida, where technician Guy Radiano can help the Mercury Pro Team member stay on top of all outboard functions and schedules.

2. Monitoring Vital Engine Data

From the app, Poveromo can keep tabs on engine hours, battery voltage, oil and coolant temperature, faults, speed and rpm. These data points help him make sure everything is running as it should.

3. Locating Points of Interest on the Road

When he’s on the road filming, Poveromo also uses VesselView Mobile to find local points of interest, such as restaurants, marinas, fuel docks and Mercury dealerships.

4. Tracking Fuel on Long Runs

Sometimes the best fishing is a long way from the harbor. Getting there and back takes careful planning. Poveromo uses the VesselView Mobile fuel tracking tools to estimate his fuel needs prior to long runs, keeping in mind that performance can vary based on vessel load and sea conditions. He can see average fuel flow and fuel economy, miles per gallon based on vessel speed, fuel remaining in the tank, and time and distance to empty.

5. Testing Props and Performance

According to Poveromo, the Hole Shot feature of VesselView Mobile is helpful for scoping out how a boat performs under various loads or with different props. It times how quickly the boat can go from zero to 20 or 30 mph. If anything, it’s a fun way to see how loading the boat and other factors can impact performance.  

Learn more about connecting your boat with the VesselView Mobile app by exploring all its features.

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5 Ways George Poveromo Uses VesselView Mobile
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