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Now you can have the power of SmartCraft on your mobile device (iOS or Android) with all the digital data your SmartCraft engine supports!

Get Connected.

Get Connected.

VesselView Mobile allows you to use your smartphone (Android or iPhone) to connect with your Mercury outboard or sterndrive engine. The plug-and-play engine module connects via Bluetooth to your phone, providing quick, convenient access to your engine’s data. One module can monitor up to four engines. You can even customize the data points across three screens to fit your boating style. VesselView Mobile is compatible with all SmartCraft-compatible Mercury outboards and sterndrive engines (2004 and newer, 40hp and up).

“Installation was a breeze. Ten minutes or less installing this on a 2014 90HP 4-Stroke. Loading the app on an iPhone 6 from the app store was also uneventful.” William O., United States

Download for iOS

Download for Android

Purchase the module from any authorized Mercury Marine dealer or directly from Mercury Marine (ordering directly from Mercury Marine will ship from the United States)

Get Social.

Get Social.

You can use VesselView Mobile to save and share your boating experiences with others. Keep a calendar log of your fishing “trophies” or boating photos, and share them with your friends across your social media channels.

Get Insight.

Get Insight.

VesselView Mobile acts as an extension of your engine, providing detailed information on your engine’s performance. It can even notify you if something isn’t right. More than just a series of beeps or a numeric code, VesselView Mobile will tell you in clear language what is going on with your engine. When you take your engine in for routine maintenance or storage, your dealer can also review those alerts and help you keep your engine in top condition.

“While replacing the thermostat as part of regular maintenance I forgot to hook up the temperature sender for the computer. VesselView sent a notification to my phone and I could see what caused this. I took the boat to my Mercury dealer and they fixed the problem.” – Keith M.

Get Accurate.

Get Accurate.

The information provided via VesselView Mobile is much more accurate than most analog gauges. You’ll have a much better sense of your true rpms, your fuel burn, your speed, your fluid pressure levels – anything that can be measured on analog gauges will be more accurate with VesselView Mobile. You can even customize the data that's displayed, so you have instant access to what you want to know.

"VesselView Mobile allowed me to see that my analog gauge on my dash was reading 450 rpms higher than VesselView Mobile. I believe VesselView Mobile is more accurate because it is directly from [the] computer.” – Brad L.

Get Answers.

Get Answers.

Have questions or need support on VesselView Mobile? Consult our FAQs, get in touch with your local Mercury dealer, or contact your regional Mercury Marine office.


Buy the Books
Buy the Books

You can order all available Mercury literature online or through any authorized Mercury dealer. Please have your outboard or sterndrive serial number before placing the order.

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