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April 26, 2021

How To Fish for Mahi-Mahi

Mercury Pro Team member Peter Miller delves into the details of how, when and where to catch mahi-mahi.


You might call them mahi-mahi, dolphinfish or dorado. Whichever name you prefer, one thing is for sure: These hard-fighting, great-tasting fish are among the most exciting catches in the ocean. If you want to get in on the mahi-mahi fishing action, join Peter Miller, Mercury Pro Team member and host of Discovery Channel’s “Uncharted Waters,” for a quick blast into the offshore environment aboard an Invincible 39-foot Open Fisherman with triple Mercury 400hp Verado outboards.

The best thing about fishing with Miller (or at least watching the action on video) is that he starts with the basics. Before you can catch fish, you need to catch bait, so Miller gets started by chumming up cigar minnows, sardines and blue runners. His crew then catches them with Sabiki rigs and loads up the livewell, using a de-hooking tool to avoid harming the baitfish. Then it’s time to do some running and gunning to glass for the birds that will expose the location of the mahi-mahi.

As the action happens, Miller provides detailed explanations of the tackle being used, including everything from rods and reels to leaders and hooks. More importantly, he explains why he chooses specific tackle to match up with the conditions and the size fish that are being caught. Wrapping things up, he discusses the best ways to land mahi-mahi and how to know which landing method to choose based on the size of the fish and how it’s hooked.

The visual demonstrations caught on camera are unbeatable, and the next time you head out through the inlet in search of mahi-mahi, there’s no doubt that having watched this video will help you be a more effective angler.

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How To Fish for Mahi-Mahi
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