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Dec. 14, 2020

Kite Fishing Basics with Peter Miller

The Mercury Pro Team member walks you through the tackle and setup for offshore kite fishing.


Kite fishing can be an extremely effective way to fish for offshore gamefish ranging from sailfish to kingfish to mahi-mahi, but it’s not a technique that’s easily mastered. If you’d like to learn how to kite fish from a professional, check out this video with Mercury Pro Team member and kite fishing expert Peter Miller, host of Discovery Channel’s “Uncharted Waters.”

He takes you through all the gear you’ll need – the kite, kite rod, leaders and tackle – and shows how to rig live baits and deploy multiple lines from a single kite. Miller also demonstrates the technique for fighting a fish without pulling the other baits out of the water, a tactic that’s important if you want to experience multiple hook-ups and fast action.

The video even covers common mistakes people make and how to avoid them, the types of knots Miller likes to use for different connection points and how to run as many as nine kite lines at the same time from this type of boat. It’s a complete primer on a highly effective offshore-fishing system.

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Kite Fishing Basics with Peter Miller
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