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Sept. 21, 2020

Protect Your Engine on the Water, on the Road and in the Driveway

Mercury engine covers keep your cowl shiny and new for the long haul.


The look of a Mercury outboard is classic and unmistakable. If you want to make sure that legendary look stays showroom sharp for as long as possible, then consider a genuine Mercury engine cover, also known as a cowl cover, to protect it on the water, while trailering and in storage.

But since Mercury cowls are strong and durable, why would you need a cover? The fact is, the marine environment is not gentle on our equipment. Sun, salt, tow ropes, docks, tree branches, and fishing lures all take a toll on the surfaces of your boat and engine over time, and the best way to keep the cowl – the most visible part of your engine – from getting scratches and dings is a cowl cover.

Mercury offers two types. Mercury Vented Splash Covers are designed for use while running the outboard. They’re made of Polysoft, a specially designed marine-grade fabric, and are crafted to form fit over your Mercury outboard cowl, with perfectly placed vents to allow for proper airflow. Mercury Tow-n-Stow Storage Covers are similarly made but are intended for towing and storage, with a leg strap that helps hold them firmly in place. Both cover types proudly display Mercury graphics that correspond with the matched engine model, and each is lined with soft felt to be as gentle as possible on your engine’s gloss finish.

A Vented Splash Cover is quick and easy to install and remove. Just slip it on right before you launch the boat for a good look and extra protection during your day on the water. It’s not designed for trailering or storage, so once your boat is back on the trailer or boat lift, pull the cover off and replace it with a Tow-n-Stow Storage Cover. While you wash your boat, don’t forget to rinse off your cowl cover with clean water before hanging it up to dry.

Using a Tow-n-Stow Storage Cover on the road helps protect your engine against flying gravel and other road debris, as well as the unsightly buildup of bugs. During storage, the cover will guard against wear and tear from birds, severe weather, UV sun damage, and even the errant bicycle in the driveway. It’ll also help keep dust and rodents at bay.

Mercury engine covers are model-specific and are available at Mercury authorized dealers or online in the Mercury Dockstore. Vented Splash Covers for running are available for most Mercury outboards 75hp and above. Tow-n-Stow Storage Covers are available for most models 40hp and larger. Custom covers are also available.

Granted, your time on the water might consist of sedate sunset cruises and you could be lucky enough to have indoor storage for your boat, in which case an engine cover might not be necessary. But if you do have concerns about the long-term effects of the elements on the looks of your engine, it’s certainly worth considering investing in genuine Mercury covers to ensure that you have maximum protection.

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