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July 25, 2019

Selecting the Best Prop is Crucial but Easy with Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine, the world’s largest supplier of propellers for recreational and commercial boats and engines, provides a wide array of propeller options to ensure there is a propeller for every boat application.


Boat dealers and service experts will tell you that incorrect prop selection is a leading cause of poor engine and boat performance. The Mercury Propeller Selector tool on helps boaters select the best propeller model and pitch for their boat. The Prop Selector is essentially a digital catalog that aids in selecting the most appropriate propeller.

To find your propeller on, click on Propellers, then click on Mercury Prop Selector. Once there, follow the simple steps to select your boat type, boat usage and engine information, and the Selector will provide a recommended prop family. The Selector then helps you determine the correct pitch of your propeller.

To find your closest Mercury dealer for assistance in selecting the best propeller for your boat, click on Find A Dealer on and follow the easy steps.


What does the Prop Selector do?

The Mercury prop selector asks the questions that a typical “prop guy” will ask when someone says they need a new prop for their boat. The tool uses that information to provide a good starting point (or more) for prop selection based on your input on boat type, type of use, engine/drive type, etc. Just like working with a prop expert – if you have existing performance data, the tool can also take that into account and be more accurate with its selection (instead of just a starting point).

How does the Prop Selector benefit boaters?

Consumers can use Prop Selector any time from any location. Not everyone has access to a knowledgeable friend or source that can help with prop selection, and this tool fills that gap. Mercury dealers are always willing to help, but you are limited to contacting them during their business hours. The prop selector is available 24/7.

Are there specific boating groups the Prop Selector benefits most, such as saltwater, freshwater, bass, pontoons, etc.?

The prop selector works equally well for all types of boats.

Where can I find the Prop Selector?

It’s easy to find in the propeller section of – just select Propellers, then select Mercury Propeller Selector.

How can I tell if it might be time to get a new prop?

Whether your boat is new to you and doesn’t have a prop, or you’ve had a boat for a while and are noticing a change in performance, it might be time to get a new prop. Reasons for a change in performance could include propeller wear and decreased performance (more so with aluminum props with light damage due to light lake-bottom contact), or perhaps your boat is just being used differently. For example, it’s not unusual for a family with young kids to love the performance of a new boat, only to find a few years later that performance has diminished because the kids have grown in size and weight and now bring friends along. If the boat still accommodates the number of boaters, a prop change – rather than a new boat – might be all you need. 

After the Prop Selector helps me determine an appropriate prop, what’s the next step?

The prop selector will make recommendations based on the type and use of your boat, and information about that prop can be found in the Propeller section of Part numbers for all propeller recommendations are provided there. You can visit your local Mercury dealer, who can then place an order and assist with installation or answer additional questions. You can also search the internet for that prop’s part number and purchase through the channel of your choosing.

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