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Oct. 6, 2016

Female Mechanic Makes Her Mark in the Marine Industry

Meet Kaitlyn Schneider of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, who has been making waves as a premier marine mechanic in a male-dominated industry.


Mercury Marine has long partnered with the Marine Mechanics Institute in Orlando to produce some of the finest marine mechanics in the world.  One of those mechanics, Kaitlyn Schneider, has been thriving for the past two years at Lakeside Marina in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  While many of her friends took dance and gymnastics classes, Schneider was drawn to the garage, where she worked on cars and boats with her dad.

See more about Kaitlyn’s success story:

Joe Honsa, president of Lakeside Marina, says he’s been in the marine business for more than 30 years and Schneider is the first female to apply for the true technician position at his store.

“At times, it’s intimidating in an all-male environment working as their equal,” said Honsa.  “I would put her up against any of my technicians on the jobs that she knows.”

“When I got into high school, I decided to take small engines classes because I loved boats,” said Schneider. “While girls were taking economics and art, I was taking motor classes. I like engines and cars, not normal things for a girl.”

After graduating from MMI, Schneider moved back home to Wisconsin and went looking for her first job. Her resume was turned down at various marinas in the area, but Lakeside took a chance on the rookie mechanic, and after two years, both Schneider and the dealer are thriving.

“She showed up one day and inquired if we were looking for a tech,” remembered Honsa of his first meeting with Kaitlyn. “My first inclination was who do you know?”

“I went in and asked them if they were hiring and the service manager gave me the, why do you know someone comment,” said Schneider. “I said, no, I know me.”

“I still feel like I need to prove myself because I’ve only been here two years. I want to show that I’m still capable of doing this and won’t back down because it gets tiring or boring. It’s what I like to do and I’ll keep doing it.”

Female Mechanic Makes Her Mark in the Marine Industry
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