Mercury® Diesel
2.8L (220hp)

Compact and Durable

Provides added power for mid-range vessels in either twin or single configurations.

  • Power mhp / kW 220 / 160
  • Maximum RPM (WOT) 3800
  • Engine type Inline 4
  • Displacement (L) 2.8
  • Weight (engine only) 794 lbs / 360 kg

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Stille drift.

Quiet Ride.

The high-pressure common-rail fuel-injection system not only ensures fuel economy, it also minimises Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), along with smoke and odor – the undesirable factors many boaters associate with yesterday’s diesels.

Goede redenen om voor een hoger vermogen te kiezen.

Repower Reasons.

The lightweight, compact design of these diesel engines makes them ideal drop-in replacement power packages for many older, fuel-guzzling petrol engines. Mercury’s full range of drives offers outstanding versatility to owners of sterndrive-powered boats.


Peak Performance.

Impressive acceleration and quick throttle response are delivered by the proven common-rail fuel system, which incorporates a turbocharger and seawater after-cooler. These engines combine smooth performance with key diesel advantages, such as high torque and optimum fuel economy.

Intuitive Design.

Intuitive Design.

A sophisticated Control Module and Mercury SmartCraft compatibility provide complete control over key engine functions. SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) offers smooth shifting, immediate throttle response and high-tech digital controls.



Mercury diesels feature state-of-the-art anti-corrosion, including a thermostatically controlled closed water-cooled system. Water-cooled engine oil, gear oil and steering fluid decrease engine-room temperatures, extending engine life. The SeaCore® system is available for the ultimate in saltwater protection.


Mercury® Diesel: 2.8L (220hp)

  • Power mhp / kW
    • 220 / 160
    Bore and stroke
    • 3.70 x 3.94" / 94 x 100 mm
    Maximum RPM (WOT)
    • 3800
    Engine type
    • Inline 4
    Displacement (L)
    • 2.8
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 34 x 30 x 31" / 861 x 772 x 793 mm
    Weight (engine only)
    • 794 lbs / 360 kg
    Weight (incl. transmission)
    • 873 lbs / 396 kg
    Weight - Bravo One
    • 1025 lbs / 465 kg
    Weight - Bravo Two
    • 1041 lbs / 472 kg
    Weight - Bravo Three
    • 1052 lbs / 477 kg
    Cooling system
    • Closed cooling
    Fuel consumption
    • 13.4 gal/hr / 50.6 l/ hr @ 3800 rpm
    Compatible drives
    • Bravo One
    • Bravo Three
    • Bravo Two
    • EPA Tier 2
    Compatible with SmartCraft digital technology
    • Yes
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