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Maintenance Made Easy

Knowing your boat is maintained in top shape gives you confidence every time you leave the dock. Whether you do it yourself or choose a Mercury Authorized Dealer for your service and maintenance needs, every boat owner should be familiar with the basic principles of marine maintenance. 

The Importance of Marine Maintenance

It's an Investment in Freedom

Maintenance, performance and reliability go hand in hand. Investing in regular maintenance provides insurance against problems that can spoil your experience on the water, helps avoid costly major repairs and preserves your boat’s resale value.

Stay on Schedule

The best way to keep up with periodic maintenance is to follow the Inspection and Maintenance Schedule in your Mercury or MerCruiser® engine or drive operation and maintenance manual. Follow these schedules to avoid overlooking important maintenance items that are key to enjoying maximum reliability, safety and time on the water. 

Maintenance Basics

01. Maintenance: What's In It for You?

Start your education in basic marine maintenance by learning more about its importance and some of the resources Mercury provides for boat owners.

02. Fuel Basics

Caring for the fuel in your Mercury Marine engine and properly maintaining your fuel system can help ensure many seasons of reliable service. 

03. Preventing Corrosion

Out on the water, your engine is constantly exposed to elements that can cause corrosion. Combating its damaging effects is critical.

04. Battery Basics

Proper battery maintenance helps ensure your engine and electronic accessories are powered up and ready to run when you head out for fun and adventure on the water.

05. Propeller Maintenance

Your propeller connects your engine to the water, providing all of the thrust required to propel and lift the boat. Keeping the prop in good condition is vital to maintaining peak performance and efficiency.

06. Lubricants: More Than Just Oil

Your Mercury engine needs the protection only quality marine oil and lubricants can provide. It’s the kind of protection you simply won’t get from lubricants designed for non-marine applications. 

07. Basic Trailer Maintenance

A trailer lets you explore new waters and enjoy great boating experiences in new places. With some routine maintenance, you can keep your boat on the road safely season after season.

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