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Mercury SeaPro™ outboards are built to handle the heavy-duty needs of commercial boating applications. A job on the water can be unpredictable, but a SeaPro outboard clocks in on time every day, eager to work as hard as you do, for as long as you do.


No Ordinary Job. No Ordinary Engine.

Powerful Performance 

When paychecks depend on reliable, powerful performance, SeaPro outboards deliver. They’re calibrated to reach maximum torque at lower rpm, providing more power with less effort. And heavy-duty gearcases help lift heavily loaded boats on plane more easily for even greater control and performance.

All Jobs, Big and Small

No matter the workplace, the workday is simple: maximize productivity while minimizing costs and downtime. SeaPro 15 to 500hp engines are up to the task. With simple maintenance, rugged dependability and optimized efficiency, they can help keep your operation running on time and on budget. 

Legendary Durability

SeaPro engines are specifically engineered for the punishment of commercial use. Components are sized and tested to ensure strength and confidence for the long haul. Upper mounts are twice as stiff as those on recreational models. And proprietary corrosion-resistant alloys add peace of mind.

SmartCraft® The Power to Do More

SmartCraft digital technologies refine the entire boating experience to ensure every day on the water reaches its full potential. Available for 25hp and up.

Digital Throttle & Shift

Available Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls (for 175hp and up) deliver silky-smooth shifting and instant throttle response, for effortless handling and complete command. Integrated controls for select SmartCraft technologies make boating even easier.

Active Trim

With just a push of a button, Active Trim automatically optimizes trim levels, adapting on the fly to turns, hole shots and water conditions to ensure smooth, efficient trips.

Joystick Piloting for Outboards

Intuitive joystick controls provide digital anchoring at the touch of a button and 360 ̊ maneuverability in tight spaces when you need it most. In open water, the Auto Heading and Route features let you lock in your course for simplified control. (Available for multi-engine boats with SeaPro AMS outboards.)


VesselView brings your engine’s stats and digital controls to your fingertips. For convenient access, VesselView Mobile® displays real-time engine data on mobile devices. VesselView Link and SmartCraft Connect integrate performance data onto compatible displays from Lowrance®, Simrad®, Garmin® and Raymarine®.



Mercury makes world-class marine products backed by world-class warranties.



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