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Mechanical Controls

Classic mechanical remote controls for throttle and shifting.

Quality at Your Side

Simple and Economical

Mechanical remote controls provide smooth, simple throttle control and shifting for years of reliable service.

Comfort and Control

Compact designs with ergonomic soft-grip handles provide for hours of comfortable boating. Integrated trim buttons and engine cutoff lanyards make on-the-run adjustments easy and add safety and convenience.

Tested and Tough

Rugged and reliable, our mechanical controls have stood up to the test of time and rigorous testing by Mercury engineers.

Mechanical Throttle & Shift Controls

Panel/Flush Mount

Simple, reliable single-engine control.

Side Mount

Time-tested design that’s comfortable and easy to use.

Single-Engine Console Mount

Perfect for leisurely cruising or big-water fishing.

Dual-Engine Console Mount

Sleek, refined dual-handle control complements any modern boat.

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