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Aug. 17, 2020

Quick Tip: Fight Water Spots with Mercury All-In-One Spotless Shine

A few minutes after each outing is all it takes for a rich, spot-free shine on your board and engine.


Unless your boat lives in the garage, water spots are inevitable. A Mercury cowl cover can help keep your engine looking clean, but at some point you’ll still need a way to deal with unsightly water spots on the rest for your equipment. An easy solution is using Mercury All-In-One Spotless Shine after each outing.

All-In-One Spotless Shine ensures that your boat, trolling motor and external engine surfaces – such as the cowl, lower unit and chaps – stay shiny and clean every time you hit the water.

This Mercury Quick Tip video shows how to use the All-In-One Spotless Shine and a clean rag to eliminate water spots in just a few minutes. There are no harsh chemicals or extraordinary efforts needed to complete the job. All-In-One Spotless Shine is so effective yet gentle that it’s the only cowl cleaner and detailer approved for Mercury outboards and Color Accent Panels, and it’s safe for paint, finishes, decals and wraps.

As the label says, it cleans, shines and protects the fiberglass, metal, plastic and rubber surfaces of your boat and engine. Regular use will leave an easy-to-maintain shine, with enhanced protection from the sun’s UV rays and future spotting.

If you already have significant hard-water buildup, you might need to do some deeper cleaning to get back on the path toward a bright, shiny boat. See THIS previous Mercury Quick Tip for instructions on clearing hard-water buildup.

Quick Tip: How to Remove Hard Water Spots from Your Boat & Engine
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