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July 15-17 is Take a Friend Boating Weekend

Mercury encourages boaters to share the water during first-annual special weekend

On the Water Be Inspired
July 15-17 is Take a Friend Boating Weekend

Think about your favorite memory made on the water. Who was there? What’d you do?

Did you enjoy a sunset campfire with friends on a secluded beach? Watch your kids catapult off a rope swing? Maybe you slipped the net under your buddy’s first fish, or they were there when you caught your personal best.

Whatever it was, and whoever you were with, these memories – and the stories we love to share about them – wouldn’t be possible without boating. That’s what makes time on the water so special. A world of opportunity exists only when you motor away from land.

To celebrate the joys of sharing the water with friends, Mercury is proud to announce the first-annual Take a Friend Boating Weekend, coming July 15-17.

This special weekend is a call to action to all boaters: Share the water with someone who otherwise might not have the opportunity.

Go catch some fish. Teach them to get up on a wakeboard. Take them to your favorite sandbar. Drop the anchor and spend the evening listening to the loons in a quiet cove. What you do really doesn’t matter as much as just getting out there and helping someone else create their first boating memory, or their latest. 

Don’t forget to snap a few photos to post on social media. Be sure to include #TakeAFriendBoating, and tag @MercuryMarine. We’ll share some of our favorite photos on our social media feeds to showcase the fun and excitement from the weekend.

So get started planning now. Call a friend. Message a buddy. Reach out to colleagues. Find someone new to introduce to one of your favorite pastimes, and you just might help them launch their own love of boating.

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