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Mercury Adds EFI Engines to Portable Outboard Lineup 

New 8 and 9.9hp models now available for boating adventures

You don’t need a big boat to enjoy big adventures. And to help make sure that owners of small boats get the most from their time on the water, Mercury continues to bring new, exciting advancements to its portable outboard family.

The latest introduction is an all-new lineup of 8 and 9.9hp FourStroke outboard motors with electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology. The new lineup also includes an updated 9.9hp EFI ProKicker™.

“For years, many boaters have relied on our portable outboards to get out on the water at an affordable price point,” said Jim Hergert, senior category manager for small engines. “For anyone who runs an 8 or 9.9hp outboard, or our more powerful portables, the addition of EFI to the line is a huge opportunity to upgrade performance.”

The EFI Advantage

Mercury’s current selection of 2.5 to 6hp carbureted engines offers outstanding performance on canoes, jon boats and small inflatables. However, there’s no denying the demand for EFI on low-horsepower engines.

“That’s what drove us to develop the new 8 and 9.9hp EFI lineup,” said Hergert. “We want to deliver the best possible boating experience, no matter the size of your boat. A lot of boaters don’t use their portable outboards very often. When they do get on the water, that idle period can lead to challenges stemming from the quality of today’s fuel and the amount of ethanol in fuel. Specifically, fuel breakdown and gumming can lead to some additional carburetor maintenance needing to be done. The EFI system helps avoid these potential issues.

“Also, EFI makes it very easy to start an outboard, even in cold and nasty weather. So if you enjoy waterfowl hunting, fishing in the winter or any cold-weather activity, EFI is a big advantage.”

Mercury’s EFI system is also battery-free. So even if you are using your outboard as a true portable with no cranking battery, you still get all the benefits. 

Lightweight, Efficient and Fun

Every engine in the Mercury FourStroke family is designed for fun times on the water, and the new 8 and 9.9hp EFI engines are no different. These memory-making machines are lightweight, powerful, quiet and efficient.

“Yeah, they’re low-horsepower engines, but we borrowed a lot of technology and design elements from our popular mid- and high-horsepower engines to deliver the awesome boating experience people expect from Mercury,” said Hergert. “That’s the Mercury difference.”

Easy Adventure for Everyone

In addition to EFI, key features of the new engines include:

  • Options – There are models with tiller or remote steering, electric or manual start, and manual or power tilt.
  • Shift-in-throttle tiller – Instead of a shift lever, shift and throttle are integrated into the tiller grip for one-handed control. Twist one way for forward, the other for reverse.
  • Ratcheting tilt bracket – Manual-tilt models feature the Mercury-exclusive ratcheting tilt system. Push down on the tiller handle to ratchet the outboard up to one of five settings or a full-tilt position. No need to remove or insert a pin.
  • Upgraded alternator – Available on electric-start models, the alternator delivers class-leading power – up to 12 amps at wide-open throttle.

ProKicker: A Lightweight Kicker Motor

Prior to this launch, Mercury offered two 9.9hp ProKicker models. There was a carbureted model built on the former 9.9hp engine platform, and there was an EFI model built on the 15/20hp platform then detuned to deliver 9.9hp performance.

“This launch combines all the best features of both prior models, including the low weight of a true 9.9hp outboard with easy-starting, all-day-smooth EFI,” added Hergert. “In fact, the new 9.9hp EFI ProKicker is up to 11 pounds lighter than the prior-generation model.”

In addition to its light weight, the new ProKicker shares common features that make all ProKicker engines the leading kicker motors on the water, including:

  • Centering straps that lock the engine in place when tilted up (standard on tiller models; available for remote models)
  • Command Thrust (CT) gearcase
  • High-thrust, four-blade prop
  • Standard power tilt and electric starting
  • Smooth, quiet performance
  • Precision speed control
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