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Adventure, Repowered

You’ve made a lot of incredible memories in your boat. Why stop now? Repower with a new Mercury engine and keep the fun going.

Get 5 Years of Coverage for a Limited Time!

Enjoy more performance, confidence and value this summer with 2 extra years of Mercury Product Protection Gold coverage in addition to the 3-year limited warranty when you buy a new Mercury 2.5-400hp outboard before August 31.

A Total Performance Package

Repowering is a chance to upgrade more than just your engine. Your dealer can outfit your boat with new controls, displays and other equipment for the best boating experience. 

Global Support

With Mercury, help is there when you need it, at thousands of authorized dealers located around the globe.

Warranty Coverage

Every recreational Mercury engine comes with up to three years of limited warranty plus an industry-leading corrosion warranty.

Get a Mercury Repower Price Quote

A Mercury dealer is the only place to get the best price for a new boat motor. Connect with one today.

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