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Canine Cruiser

Ruff seas ahead

On the Water
Canine Cruiser

Ruff Seas ahead.
From best friend to fur-st mate. There’s no reason you shouldn’t share your passion
for being on the water with your pooch. Keep reading for a few tips to ensure your
good boy has a good time.

1: Don’t get thirsty
Never let your dog drink from a stream, pond, lake, or other body of water. Avoid
waterborne parasites and keep your pup hydrated by making sure to bring plenty of
fresh, clean water. If you can, try to give your dog a shady spot to rest and escape the

2: Be the life of the potty
Before getting on the boat, give your dog a chance to “go” on land. If your dog
is accustomed to relieving themselves on puppy pads, make sure to bring pads
along, designate a spot on your boat, and bring spare waste bags. If your pup isn’t
used to using pads, set aside some time to make a trip ashore and let them relieve

3: Park it before you bark it
Give your dog chance to get on the boat while you’re docked so they can get used it
and you can gauge their reaction. Keep your dog’s first boat outing slow and short. If
you notice they’re too nervous, it might be smarter to leave them at home.

4: Dress up for the big day
It’s important to invest in a life jacket for your dog. If you run into rough waters or
your pup is pulled under by a current, they may not be able to swim. A life jacket will
also allow you to easily pull your dog out of the water, as most include a handle. We
recommend getting one that’s brightly colored and has some reflective trim.

5: Don’t go under-dog
Life can be unpredictable. Develop a plan in case your dog goes overboard and share it
with everyone before you get on the boat.

6: You know best
Use your best judgment and common sense. If there are areas that may become
slippery and cause your dog to fall, block them off. And most importantly, always pay
attention to your dog and where they are, but make sure you’re not too distracted.
Losing focus on either can be disastrous. If you’re not sure you can do both, add some
more people to the party to help keep an eye on them.

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