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Cook Your Catch: Wahoo Ceviche with Grilled Avocado and Jalapeño-Lime Vinaigrette

Winter doesn’t have to be all heavy stews and roasts. This January, why not try  something a little brighter? Featuring tangy citrus notes balanced by smoky  flavors and a hint of heat, this recipe for wahoo ceviche with grilled avocado ...

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QuickBite Tips: Lanyard Stop Switch

The Lanyard Stop Switch is a simple but extremely effective on-board safety device designed to shut off a boat’s engine if the operator moves away (as in accidental ejection) from the operator’s position. The Lanyard physically connects the operator to ...

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QuickBite Tips: Launch Etiquette

One of the most stressful parts of boating can be the launch and learning the unwritten rules of the ramp. Take a minute to watch this QuickBite tip on boat ramp etiquette.

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QuickBite Tips: Docking Your Boat

New to boating? Check out these great tips for learning to dock your boat. With a few simple supplies like docklines and fenders, and following these simple step-by-step instructions, it's easy to look like a pro. Watch the video below!

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QuickBite Tips: Checking outboard motor mounts

Checking your outboard motor mounts is important to ensure peak performance and safety when operating your boat. Follow these simple steps to ensure your engine is secure at all times.

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QuickBite Tips: Battery Inspection

Your battery is a critical item for a successful day on the water. Ensure you have inspected it properly using this helpful how-to video.

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QuickBite Tips: Lubricating Steering Linkages

In this handy how-to video, learn the easy steps to keep your outboard motor steering linkages lubricated.

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Winterizing Your Outboard

by Louisa Beckett for Mercury Marine   Should you do it yourself or take it to a shop? When the frost is on the pumpkin, it’s time to prepare your outboard engine(s) for its “long winter’s nap.” It may be ...

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QuickBite Tips: Checking Power Trim Fluid

Checking your outboard motor power trim fluid is an important maintenance step to keeping your engine in peak condition. Follow the simple steps in the video below to DIY!

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How to Get the Best Deal at a Boat Show

By: Louisa Beckett  /  Photo Credit: Seattle Boat Show 2016 The fall and winter months are “boat show season” in the port towns lining U.S. coastal waters and the Great Lakes. There are many reasons to visit a boat show, ...

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QuickBite Tip: Flushing An Outboard Motor

Removing sand, dirt, saltwater and other debris is critical to extending the life of your outboard motor. Follow these simple DIY instructions to flush any outboard motor.

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