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Repower: A New Outboard Can Give Your Boat New Life

You don’t have to purchase a new boat to improve your on-water experience.

Repower: A New Outboard Can Give Your Boat New Life

One of the great things about an outboard-powered boat is that when your engine reaches the end of its service life or its warranty expires, you don’t need to trade the entire boat-and-engine package in on a new one to enjoy reliability and peace of mind. Instead, you can have a new outboard motor installed and continue enjoying your boat for many more years.

In the industry, we call this repowering, and the entire process is a lot easier and faster than you might think. Repowering can also offer some serious advantages for your budget and your boating experiences.

Watch Your Budget

Repowering your boat with a new outboard requires an investment, but compared to buying a new boat package, it can be less expensive to repower. The savings are even greater when you consider all the accessories already installed on your boat that you would otherwise have to purchase if you were buying new. For instance, if your boat is rigged with a trolling motor, multiple displays, stereo, ski pole or other accessory items, this can add up to serious savings.

Repowering also lets you get the most years from your initial boat purchase, giving you better value in the long run. And if you do decide to sell your boat later, a new engine can boost your resale value – especially if the engine still has warranty coverage.

Enjoy New Warranty Coverage

For older outboards, it can become difficult to find the parts needed to fix and maintain them. That’s not an issue with a new engine. Plus, a new Mercury outboard comes with a standard three-year limited warranty for recreational use, giving you peace of mind on the water and potential savings if you do require a fix. That’s a big upgrade over an older outboard that has had its coverage expire. Mercury also extends its engine warranty coverage period to the controls and rigging used during a repower installation, providing you even more benefit.

If you want even more peace of mind, you can add a Mercury Product Protection plan for up to eight total years of factory-backed coverage.

Boost Performance and Efficiency

Warranty coverage and extending a boat’s usable lifespan aren’t the only reasons to invest in a new outboard engine. Modern engineering technology advances have made outboards faster, easier to handle, more durable, more reliable, quieter and more fuel-efficient than prior-generation engines. The latest Mercury four-stroke outboard engines not only are compact, they also are lightweight, giving them impressive power-to-weight ratios, which improves their performance throughout the rpm range.

Should you care? Well, that depends on how you use your boat.

If you like to go fast, a repower engine can give your boat an awesome hole shot, quicke acceleration, high top end or possibly all three. Repowering could also deliver quieter performance, which you’ll appreciate while cruising with friends. Want to reach fishing hot spots offshore? Better fuel efficiency can give you range to get there. If you have an older pontoon boat, a new outboard might also help it get up on plane faster. And who would turn down the improved reliability of a new outboard over an older model that might be past its prime?

Curious which Mercury outboard might be right for your boat? Here’s a helpful guide to our outboard families.

Enhance the Technology

The latest Mercury outboard engines and the accessories designed to go with them are more intuitive, which can make driving your boat easier. This applies to the controls and SmartCraft® digital technologies. A great example is the Mercury Active Trim system, which automatically trims your boat properly, increasing engine performance and saving on fuel. Even experienced boaters agree that Active Trim helps make boating hassle-free because they no longer have to constantly monitor and adjust the trim.

The GPS-enabled electronics now available to pair with some of the newer outboard engines also can make boating more enjoyable. Take the Mercury Skyhook® system’s “digital anchoring” feature. With Skyhook, waiting around in the Intracoastal Waterway for the next bridge opening is now a piece of cake. Effortlessly parking over a reef or other favorite fishing structure is as simple as pushing a button.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Repowering

  1. Your first priority should be to choose a trusted service dealer who can help you find the right propulsion package for your boat. For that, Mercury has specialized Repower Center dealers, whose experts are particularly suited for helping boaters optimize a repower installation.

  2. It’s important to have a clear budget in mind and to articulate your individual goals for the repower, so you get exactly what you want out of it.

  3. While the new engine is getting installed, it’s a good time to have your dealer make other upgrades or repairs to things like electronics, the gelcoat, wiring, bilge pumps, etc.

Contact a Dealer Today

If you think repowering might be the right choice for your boating needs, check with a local Mercury Repower Center dealer. They can answer your questions and provide a quote, so you can start the process of giving your boat new life.

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