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April 20, 2021

Mercury VesselView Technology Expands to Garmin and Raymarine Displays

The all-new SmartCraft Connect module enables unmatched engine performance data and alerts to be displayed on the same screen as GPS and sonar.


When you boat with the Mercury VesselView® engine monitoring system, you don’t have to be a certified marine technician to track what’s happening under the engine’s cowl. VesselView integrates with Mercury SmartCraft®-capable engines and compatible digital displays to deliver more engine performance data and alerts than any other monitoring system in the marine industry.

Now, the power of the VesselView experience is expanding to meet the needs and preferences of even more boaters. Using the all-new Mercury SmartCraft Connect module, you can now integrate your favorite Garmin® or Raymarine® multi-function display* with the SmartCraft onboard network and use that display to access VesselView functionality on the same screen as the GPS chartplotter and sonar.

This marks the first time that VesselView integration has been available for Garmin and Raymarine, which join fellow industry leaders Lowrance and Simrad as SmartCraft-compatible brands.

“By adding Garmin and Raymarine as partner brands, we’re better able to fulfill our mission of providing intuitive, innovative boating technology to the widest range of boaters,” said Rob Hackbarth, SmartCraft product category director at Mercury. “For many boaters, especially anglers, the GPS and sonar displays are the most-used digital devices on the boat. SmartCraft Connect enhances the capabilities of those displays by transforming them into VesselView information portals. Now, Garmin and Raymarine users can access vital information through a familiar interface without needing a dedicated VesselView display at the helm.”

The VesselView system tracks rpm, speed, fuel flow, temperature, trim and more. Should any measurement stray from the norm, VesselView will relay an alert that service might be needed.

“The power of VesselView is the confidence it provides,” added Hackbarth. “It keeps you connected with your Mercury engine, even when you’re disconnecting in the outdoors. It lets you focus on fishing or family time, with the peace of mind that VesselView is tracking vital data and will alert you if there’s an issue.”

SmartCraft Connect is a compact module that installs on your vessel with simple plug-and-play connections. It’s available in three models that integrate with SmartCraft-capable engines (outboard and sterndrive models 2004 and newer, 40hp and up) in single, dual or triple/quad configurations.

Currently, SmartCraft Connect offers basic VesselView engine monitoring and alerts, which cover most essential engine functions. Additional features and controls will be added later. Because the module is Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® enabled, updating will be easy.

If you prefer Lowrance or Simrad displays, VesselView Link is available to integrate with many popular models. It provides the full range of VesselView features, including enhanced engine monitoring and control of select SmartCraft digital technologies.

Regardless of which compatible display brand you choose, your Mercury authorized dealer can help you integrate a wide range of SmartCraft digital technologies with your Mercury engine as part of a new boat build or an aftermarket upgrade.

“For anyone upgrading to the latest multi-function displays, whether Garmin, Raymarine, Lowrance or Simrad, including SmartCraft Connect or VesselView Link in the upgrade opens up not only the VesselView experience, but access to tons of other great SmartCraft technologies,” said Hackbarth.

SmartCraft Connect will be available soon through Mercury authorized dealers. Check with your nearest dealer for full system and engine compatibility.

Click here to learn more about how Mercury SmartCraft digital technologies can give you the power to do more on the water.


*Information about VesselView compatibility with Garmin and Raymarine multi-function displays is available on those brands’ respective websites.

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