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Mercury V10 Verado Outboards

The evolution of premium performance

Mercury V10 Verado Outboards

From cruising local lakes to exploring new waters, offshore fishing for trophy saltwater species to trolling on the Great Lakes. For competition, for fun, for adventure or for relaxation.

No matter what attracts you to the water, no outboard family enhances the boating experience like Mercury Verado®. The latest additions to the legendary Verado lineup are the world’s first V10 outboards – the 5.7L V10 350 and 400hp Verado engines.

The V10 Verado outboards are the product of everything Mercury has learned about high-horsepower outboard performance over the course of the last 83 years,” said Mercury President Chris Drees. “We took everything we know about what boaters wanted in this horsepower segment and created an outboard platform that sets a new standard for its class. V10 Verado outboards deliver faster acceleration, the quietest, smoothest performance, exceptional fuel economy, and a complete suite of connected technologies that help make boating effortless. These outboards exemplify Mercury’s commitment to innovation.

Watch the V10 Verado launch video.

The World’s First V10 Outboards

The 2018 launch of the Mercury V8 and V6 outboards changed the course of marine performance. Mercury delivered an entire family of 175 to 300hp outboards that are powerful, quiet, easy to own, efficient and a joy to drive. That launch also set up the more recent introduction of the V12 600hp Verado outboard and the development of the new V10 models.

“Since that 2018 launch, boaters have been asking for similar features and technologies in the 350 and 400hp outboard segment,” said Jeff Becker, senior category manager for high-horsepower outboards at Mercury. “The V10 Verado outboards satisfy that demand. Mercury now offers boaters its most advanced technologies and innovations in high-horsepower outboards ranging from 175 to 600hp.”

This launch also continues Mercury’s transition to high-displacement, naturally aspirated outboard powerheads.

“One of the benefits is simplicity,” Becker said of the transition. “Shifting to high-displacement, naturally aspirated powerheads has provided exceptional durability and reliability across Mercury’s high-horsepower portfolio. The V10 is no different. Its class-leading 5.7-liter powerhead can easily generate incredible power and torque, with low stress on the engine. We’re also seeing acceleration gains across the portfolio. The V10 Verado outboards out-accelerate the leading competitive 350 and 425hp outboards by an impressive margin. These engines can put you back in your seat, both out of the hole but also with midrange punch as you’re cruising along and you put the throttle down. It’s really a remarkable experience on the water.”

Additional features such as Advanced Range Optimization and a closed-loop fuel system are now common among all Mercury high-horsepower outboards, including the V10 models. They balance power with efficiency by intelligently managing fuel flow to extend your range on the water.

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Verado-Exclusive Features

Beyond standardizing Mercury outboard technologies across the portfolio, the V10 Verado outboards continues the evolution of the Verado family DNA. Like all Verado outboards, the V10 engines are paired with Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls for smooth, effortless shifting, and they feature a variation of the Advanced MidSection (AMS) mounting system, which minimizes vibration transfer into the boat. DTS and AMS also enable compatibility with Mercury’s advanced Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) systems.

And like all Verado engines, the V10 models are easily the quietest, smoothest outboards in their class.

“One of the biggest differentiators that we have at Mercury is the amount of investment and time that we put in to making the engines as quiet as possible,” added Becker. “It’s unbelievable. We spend time not only reducing engine noise, but also changing the tone to be much more pleasant and softer on your ears.”

And that’s the Verado legacy: Every aspect of the V10 engines – from the sound to the performance to the contemporary aesthetics – was designed from the ground up and meticulously refined to deliver the ultimate premium boating experience.

“From a design perspective, Verado is not specifically locked to discrete technologies,” said Todd Dannenberg, Mercury director of industrial design. “It’s really about a promise of a customer experience. Verado is going to be smooth. It’s going to be quiet. It’s going to give you the best boating experience for an outboard. When you get on the boat and get up on plane, and you feel the power and hear how quiet it is, you literally go, ‘Wow.’”

Explore all the V10 Verado features.

Performance, Durability and Ease of Ownership

The V10 Verado outboards have broad applications for powering large pontoon boats, freshwater multi-species fishing boats, offshore multi-engine boats and mid-sized center-consoles. To optimize performance across the range of applications, Mercury developed a new gearcase, new Revolution X™ propeller line and new Flo-Torq® X hub specifically for this outboard platform.

The gearcase features a rugged 6.4-inch-diameter torpedo, which enables it to turn a large-diameter prop. Together, the gearcase and prop generate powerful lift to get boats on plane quickly, along with providing exceptional low-speed steering authority and impressive top speeds.

Other upgrades include a class-leading 150-amp alternator, which can support a large suite of onboard electronics, and calibration to deliver full performance on 87-octane fuel – offering a substantial savings opportunity for many boaters.

Even the V10 cowl has been carefully designed to help seal out moisture. It combines with sealed electrical components, an onboard freshwater flush system, advanced alloys and durable corrosion-preventive finishes to provide a powerful defense against corrosion – so tough that Mercury backs every Verado engine used for recreational purposes with an industry-leading three-year corrosion warranty, in addition to the standard three-year limited warranty.

New Technologies in Development

The V10 Verado outboards were also designed to work together with additional advanced technologies currently in development.

One is a Mercury electric steering system slated to be available in 2023. Electric steering will enhance responsiveness and control, while dramatically simplifying rigging hardware and providing a 50% reduction in electrical power consumption over electro-hydraulic steering. That leaves more power for other onboard accessories.

Additionally, V10 Verado outboards will be available with the industry’s first dual-mode 48V/12V alternator. This high-power alternator was designed to pair with Navico Group’s Fathom® e-Power System. Fathom is an integrated lithium-ion auxiliary power management system. It enhances sustainability and convenience by providing owners of large boats the opportunity to eliminate an onboard generator system while minimizing reliance on shore power.

The Verado Experience

Lightweight, compact and efficient, the new V10 Verado outboards deliver incredible performance for repower applications and new boat builds – both single and multi-engine configurations. Beyond high-horsepower performance, they offer discriminating boaters the opportunity to enjoy a boating experience unlike any other.

Quiet, smooth, simple to operate, intuitive and powerful, Verado outboards are in a class all their own.

“Verado outboards deliver an experience to the customer that takes boating to a completely different level. It’s no longer just getting around,” added Dannenberg. “It’s a really refined, luxuriously beautiful experience. You’ll just want to be on the boat.”

Explore the V10 Verado outboards.

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Mercury V10 Verado Outboards
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