Boating Basics

Mercury Marine Presents

Boating Basics

At Mercury, we think anyone should be able to experience the joy and freedom that come from being on the water.
Our Boating Basics series offers expert advice to help you begin your boating journey with confidence.
So you can Go Boldly into each adventure that comes your way.

Freshwater Basics

A lifetime of memories awaits once you’re prepared to explore the lakes, rivers and reservoirs around you.

Saltwater Basics

From inshore to offshore, backwaters to bays, get ready to experience the great boating opportunities along the coasts.

Tow Sports Basics

Get ready to ride. Mercury-powered pro wakeboarders Carro Djupsjö and Dylan Miller will have you pulling off sweet tricks in no time.

“Although I've been involved in towed watersports nearly my whole life, having some guidelines to help my family and I get started would have been very beneficial. Over the past few years, we've welcomed many new families to the towed watersports world, and the Mercury Boating Basics series is just what they need to get started safely and with confidence.”

—Dylan Miller, Professional Wakeboarder


“With freedom on the water comes responsibility. In the last few years, we’ve welcomed thousands of new people into our community who share our passion for spending time on the water. We need to make sure that every boater not only feels welcome but is prepared to boat responsibly. That’s why we created the Mercury Boating Basics series. It’s a valuable resource for any boater and a great addition to a boater’s safety course for beginners."

—Pete Chisholm, Mercury Product Safety Engineer and U.S. Coast Guard National Boating Safety Advisory Committee Member


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