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Mercury University is on the Rise – and We Want you!

Steady growth in the marine Industry over the last 10 years has led to a demand for more engine technicians.

Etre inspiré Equipement et Technologie

Marine technicians are experts at repairing outboard, sterndrive and inboard engines, gauges, controls and other boat accessories. This career choice often requires technicians to work outdoors on docks, at marinas, or in a shop at a dealership. If you have an interest or experience in small engine repair, automobile mechanics, or being outdoors and on the water, a marine-engine technician might be a perfect career for you.

A degree in the marine industry can bring consideration for positions such as technical service writer, marine technician, captain, or service manager. With experience in the field, other opportunities may arise with manufacturing companies. These businesses also seek experienced marine technicians to work with or become primary contacts for dealerships. Growth opportunities throughout this career path are available for those willing to put in the effort. There are thousands of jobs available across the US, all of which demand the talents and skills you can provide as a Mercury Certified Technician, according to Chris Drees, president of Mercury Marine.

Once technicians are working in the marine industry, they must keep their skills up to date. At Mercury University, we offer opportunities to help you increase your knowledge. Our classes begin with the basics: Marine Technical Essential Knowledge, or M-TEK, provides a basic overview of the marine industry, particularly Mercury Marine products. From there you can become a certified technician or even earn master-technician status for all Mercury Marine outboard, sterndrive and inboard engines. Our instructor-led courses help you achieve these certifications in several locations across the US and Canada, including Wisconsin, Georgia, Texas, New Hampshire, Florida, Arizona, Quebec and British Columbia.

Moving Toward the Future

Information for new engines is compiled and tested every day, along with continuous improvement to gauges, controls, and other accessories for boats. If you’re looking for a career involving new technology and an office that doesn’t always require four walls, a degree in the marine industry may be just what you’re looking for. Whatever your choice may be, always Go Boldly.

“The marine industry doesn’t sit still; it’s always changing,” said Brian Huinker, a technical account manager at Mercury.

Mercury University FAQs

What is “Marine Technicians’ Essential Knowledge” or M-TEK?

This self-paced online training series was designed for entry-level technicians. It covers topics such as marine basics, engine fundamentals, fuel systems, electrical systems, cooling systems and shop tools. These courses comprise the first steps on the path to becoming a Mercury Certified Technician and are available for Mercury dealerships and Mercury-partnered high schools and colleges.

How do I enroll in classes offered by Mercury University Online?

Technical colleges and high schools can enroll students in Mercury University’s Learning Management Online System, which provides access to online training content that teaches them about Mercury products. A “technician ID” will follow the student to a position with an authorized Mercury dealer, and courses completed at school will apply to that student’s efforts in becoming a Certified Mercury Technician.

Are there specific enrollment deadlines?

No, Mercury University is available year-round. You can begin at any time.

Does Mercury University support schools?

Mercury University is enhancing the hands-on experience for students at select schools by providing Mercury products and curriculum development.

What is the “Mercury FourStroke Maintenance Certification?”

Mercury University provides a FourStroke Maintenance Certification through partnered training schools. This allows students to gain hands-on training with Mercury products. These students can become proficient in the maintenance process and provide value to the dealer immediately after training school.

Start your Journey

  • Are you a school representative interested in joining or learning more about these Mercury Programs? Please email
  • Are you a technician interested in learning more? Please visit to locate Mercury Authorized Service Centers near you.
  • Are you a student interested in learning more about Mercury University? Please contact your local university, college or technical school and ask if they partner with Mercury University. Or view a list of participating schools here.
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