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Getting Ready for Boating Season with Dale Stroschein

As you prepare to take your boat out of storage for boating season, consider these tips.

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Depending on where you are – and your level of fanaticism – you might still be a month or two from boating weather. However, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your boat for the season so it will be ready to go when warmer weather arrives.

Mercury Pro and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Famer Dale Stroschein knows more than a little about pulling a boat out of winter storage, and in this Mercury Minute video he’ll show you the simple process he uses to get his boat and trailer ready each season for that first trip down the boat ramp.

There are multiple reasons for doing it now. First, it’ll help you spot any deeper issues you should address before you need your boat. Second, you can take your time and give your engine the attention and thorough inspection it deserves. And finally, a little work now can save you a major headache and a lost day on the water due to a preventable issue during the boating season.

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Getting Ready for Boating Season with Dale Stroschein
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