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Boating Made Easy

Docking and driving a boat is easier than it has ever been with and kids and adults around the world are taking notice.

Equipement et Technologie

As Wisconsin native Pamela Creger said, "There’s nothing better than relaxing with your family on a weekend and if you can throw a boat in there, it’s all good."

"Having a joystick makes it a no-brainer for anyone, kids can drive a boat nowadays," said Adam Spitz of Skipper Buds.

Rich Ritzema from Sail and Ski Center in Austin, Texas says he's noticed a transformation over the past few years where families -- especially kids can get started sooner and create a memorable experience on the water at a young age.

"The technology that is available from Mercury Marine is making boating easy and enjoyable for a family," said Ritzema. "Many years ago, the man of the house would drive the boat. Technologies today allow everyone to be comfortable to navigate the waterway."

Jill and Mark Tabit spend most of their time in Southern California but their summers are spent on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. The couple has been boating most of their life and said they have also seen more kids out on the water thanks to the technology that makes boating easy for everyone.

It’s more comfortable and more enjoyable," said Jill Tabit. "The technology and advances make it possible to go out and boat on a busy Sunday."

"It's great to have all family members operate a boat. I think it would be a great opportunity for all members to be involved," said Mark Tabit.


We strongly recommend the use of life-jackets and lanyards while operating a boat.

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Boating Made Easy
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