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A new wave of outboard technology

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A new wave of outboard technology

The future of boating changed last month at the Miami International Boat Show when Mercury Marine introduced a new generation of V-6 FourStroke outboard motors with models at 175, 200 and 225hp. With innovative designs and advanced technology, the versatile FourStroke outboards are equally quiet, responsive and reliable in the shallows and on open water.

The robust 3.4L V-6 engines – designed to minimize weight and maximize fuel economy – deliver Mercury’s best-ever FourStroke hole shot, top speed and fuel efficiency. They also provide unsurpassed dampening of sound and vibration for a superior boating experience, and Idle Charge battery-management prevents boaters from draining their batteries while operating multiple electronic devices. Every feature is aimed at improving your time on the water.

Driving options with the new V-6 FourStroke include mechanical or Digital Throttle and Shift controls for enhanced versatility and repower compatibility. And nothing else on the water looks like the FourStroke – bold, contemporary styling is inspired by speed and power, and multiple color options make it easy to personalize.

Get on plane faster

  • The high-displacement V-6 FourStrokes produce plenty of torque to deliver excellent hole shot and mid-range acceleration.
  • Quick-revving double-overhead-camshaft design and deep-breathing intake deliver thrilling and satisfying performance.
  • These are the lightest outboards in their respective categories.

All these attributes contribute to exhilarating hole-shot performance on a wide range of boat types.

Best FourStroke fuel economy

Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) calibration precisely adjusts the fuel mixture and delivers the best possible efficiency on 87-octane fuel for convenience and savings.

Compact and light

Mercury engineers meticulously cut pounds from the new V-6 FourStrokes, and each model is the lightest in its respective class by at least 10 pounds (by more than 60 pounds at 225hp!). Less weight improves every aspect of performance.

The V-6 powerhead configuration has been optimized to minimize size, and the single-latch cowl is designed to hug the powerhead for a smaller profile. These outboards are perfect for repowering your existing boat; consumers can choose between hydraulic (standard) or power steering (optional).

Smooth and quiet

Tuned multi-chamber air intake minimizes airborne noise, and fuel injector covers reduce high-frequency noise. Additionally, a multi-chamber idle relief system is tuned to provide the lowest idle noise. The 200hp FourStroke is up to 30% quieter with 50% less vibration than the leading competitor.

Adaptive Speed Control (ASC)

ASC allows boaters to maintain engine speed (rpm) regardless of load or condition changes – such as rough water, tight turns, tow sports and lower speeds on plane – without having to frequently adjust throttle position, a first for the outboard industry.  The result is increased throttle response and a “sportier” feel for the driver.

Maintenance made easy

To check or fill engine oil, just pop open the new Top Cowl Service Door. Easy-to-understand information for routine maintenance is provided on an engine decal under the cowl. There’s also a handy QR code for smartphones that links to additional instructions.

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