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Tournament Application


Prior to filling out the application, please review the form to ensure you have the required items available. Required items are marked with an asterisk *.

Photos – the maximum file size is 5mb per file; maximum total upload size is 10mb. (Please check the file size/s prior to uploading. If a file or if the total upload is more than the maximum allowed, the form will not submit and you will need to start the application over.)

Do not refresh this page; doing so will erase all data and you will need to start the application over.

This application will function best when using Google Chrome. If you are using a browser other than Chrome (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), and if you are experiencing difficulties, please try submitting the form using Google Chrome instead. Thank you.

Tournament Summary

Mercury may use angler biographies and information in our marketing materials. Please complete this section so we have your updated information.

Number of unique visits in one year.
Maximum 5MB each, 10MB total for all attachments.
Hold down "Control" to select more than one.
Hold down "Command" to select more than one.

Contact Information

Secondary Contact Information

Please provide contact information for a back up or secondary contact person.

Billing Information

*Agree to Credit Bureau Report at time of order.
If your organization is currently part of the Mercury team list your Mercury account number (only those tournaments and events who buy or receive product directly through Mercury would have account #’s otherwise leave blank).
LEAVE BLANK unless you are submitting the application under your business name. Note: business financials will be required.

Shipping Information

Please enter your home shipping address. You will have the opportunity to identify a product shipping address at the time you place an order.

Partner Information

All applications must be recommended by a Mercury dealer or boat company.

Name of company recommending you.
Name of person recommending you.
Before your application is sent to Mercury Marine, your application will be sent via email to this dealership or boat company for review and input. This application cannot be reviewed until the partner feedback is submitted and you will receive an email when this has been completed. If you do not see an email within a week or two contact your partner to make sure they received and remind them to complete. Please make sure ahead of time the email address for the partner is correct.

Event Information

Please be specific (i.e., prizes, discounts, giveaway items, etc.)
For example, number of events; locations; children’s or adult event. Attach files at the bottom of this application.
Hold down "Control" to select more than one.
Hold down "Command" to select more than one.
Is membership required to participate in the tournament?
Maximum 5MB each, 10MB total for all attachments.
Provide an overview if you do not have an Audience or Fan Profile document.
If this event benefits a charity, list it here.
Please list any additional coverage Mercury can expect that is not listed above.
Does this sponsorship include print ads for Mercury in a program booklet or magazine? If so, please indicate the number of copies (circulation) that you’ll be printing.
Does this sponsorship include ads/logos for Mercury on your web site? If so, please tell us how many visitors the site receives on an annual basis
Describe benefits Mercury and your dealer/boat company might receive from sponsoring your tournament. e.g. What will you do for Mercury and your dealer/boat company?
Hold down "Control" to select more than one.
Hold down "Command" to select more than one.
Has your event received broadcast coverage? If yes, please list and describe the video coverage. Also, list any links to online videos.
Has your event been featured in any print or online articles? Attach files at the bottom of this application.
When would you like to hear back from us? Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Example: 12/15/2016
Maximum 5MB each, 10MB total for all attachments.
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