Precision Lubricants
4-Stroke Marine Engine Oil

Proven Performance. Proven Protection.

Mercury Precision Lubricants engine oils outperform automotive oils in marine applications due to their specialized additive packages designed specifically for marine environments. They’re available in 10W-30, 25W-40 and 25W-50 grades and in mineral, synthetic blend and full-synthetic formulas.

Setting the Standard for Marine Engine Performance

Setting the Standard for Marine Engine Performance

Mercury 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oils meet the needs of the most demanding boaters by exceeding all marine industry standards for performance and protection, including FC-W® or FC-W (CAT) requirements.

Flagship Engine and Corrosion Protection

Flagship Engine and Corrosion Protection

The marine environment is one of the harshest for any engine. No one knows that better than Mercury. That's why Mercury 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oils were formulated with specialized additives to protect vulnerable parts from corrosion and wear. So your engine can last longer.

Superior Lubrication and Viscosity Retention

Superior Lubrication and Viscosity Retention

Tougher demands require tougher oils, and Mercury 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oils deliver. They provide industry-leading strength and viscosity retention even during long hours of high-temperature engine operation.

The Most Recommended Marine Engine Oil

The Most Recommended Marine Engine Oil

Marine service pros rely on Mercury to deliver the products they need to keep their customers on the water, and we don't take their trust lightly. It's why we’ve poured years of engineering and development into creating our engine oil lineup. Now, those pros are passing the trust on to passionate boaters like you. Mercury 4-Stroke Marine Engine Oils are the most recommended marine oils by the marine service professionals you trust with your engines.


Buy the Books
Buy the Books

You can order all available Mercury literature online or through any authorized Mercury dealer. Please have your outboard or sterndrive serial number before placing the order.

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