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Oct. 4, 2016

Mercury Marine claims two Innovation Awards at IBEX

Mercury Marine claims two Innovation Awards at IBEX

Mercury Marine’s VesselView Mobile app and its Electronic Steering Helm each earned Innovation Awards at the 2016 International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference.

VesselVIew Mobile, available for iOS and Android mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, instantly provides users access to their boat’s SmartCraft digital data in the palm of their hand.

The Electronic Steering Helm (ESH) improves the boating experience by providing the operator more intuitive feedback on boat speed, steering angle, wheel turning rate and acceleration and produces a more natural feel when steering the boat.

“Electronic Steering Helm helps boaters feel more connected to the water,” said Rob Hackbarth, category director of controls and rigging at Mercury. “The entire steering system is electronically operated, so there is no mechanical link between the user and the steering. ESH technology provides a steering feel that boaters are used to.

“The judges said they were very impressed with the steering feel and our use of advanced technology.”

Likewise, the VesselView Mobile creates an easier boating experience.

“The Mobile app provides an alternative to analog gauges that you see on most boats,” said Hackbarth, “and provides much more data than analog gauges typically provide. It also establishes a digital relationship between the consumer and Mercury, providing consumers access to their boats’ information via their phone or computer.

VesselView Mobile app

Mercury introduced VesselView Mobile app at the 2016 GEICO Bassmasters Classic.

SmartCraft® is a fully integrated suite of digital technologies, including marine gauges, sensors, vessel systems and computer-controlled features, that gives users a higher level of control over their boat’s propulsion and electrical systems. Now, with Mercury Marine’s VesselView Mobile, users can see SmartCraft engine data right on the screen of their mobile device. The app also includes useful new features such as Maintenance Reminders, Mapping, Performance Summary, and Fault Code Diagnostics.

VesselView Mobile makes preparing for and spending a day on the water easier, safer and more enjoyable by letting users perform the following and other functions from their mobile device:

  • Connect to the SmartCraft data network in your boat from your iOS or Android mobile device via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0)
  • See all the SmartCraft engine parameters: Fuel usage, water temperature, oil & water pressures, battery voltage, RPM, etc. (parameters available are specific to each engine family).
  • Get fault code diagnostic information so you know and understand if that fault is something to be addressed when you return to the dock, or is more urgent.
  • Get points of interest information for your body of water, including fuel and restaurant locations, and more
  • Access checklists associated with your boating lifestyle

The VesselView Mobile module is compatible with all Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines built since 2003 (40hp and up). Mercury Marine’s VesselView Mobile app will be available for free download from the App Store or Google Play.

Electronic Steering Helm (ESH)

Electronics are touted for making modern-day lives easier but ESH is a real-world example that makes the boat builder’s job easier and elevates the end-user’s enjoyment.

Electronic Steering Helm (ESH), which is integrated into boats equipped with joystick piloting, provides the boat driver a greater feeling of being connected with the vessel. ESH is easy to maneuver with a light touch at low boat speeds, while the system gradually increases steering resistance proportionately as vessel speed increases.

Mercury Marine is the first company in the marine industry to utilize magneto-resistive fluid (MR fluid) technology, which is integral in Mercury’s new ESH. Utilized in high-end automotive suspension components, earthquake-resistant bridges, and military applications, MR fluid is a type of smart fluid that, when subjected to a magnetic field, can change consistency from a fluid to a near-solid, responding in milliseconds to allow for real-time steering feel.

Using this technology, each boat is configured for best performance at the boatbuilder level and the adjustability is infinitely variable. For example, wheel feel can be adjusted based on boat speed, drive angle, steering velocity, and steering direction. The Electronic Steering Helm makes boating easier and strengthens the driver’s sense of being connected to the water.

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