Fuel & Fuel Systems

The fuel you use, and how you treat it, can make a difference in your engine's performance
The Dangers of E15 Fuel in Marine Applications

E15 is proven to damage marine engines and poses serious human safety, environmental and technology concerns in marine applications. Watch as Scott Glorvigen from Wired2Fish highlights some of the issues consumers should be aware of on E15. Look before you pump.

6-Cylinder Verado Fuel Filter Inspection and Maintenance

This step by step how-to-video will walk you through the process of inspecting and maintaining the fuel filter on your 6-cylinder Mercury Verado engine. The Verado outboard is equipped with two fuel filters. Watch here to learn the maintenance schedule for each filter and maintenance tips. For more information, please consult your Mercury Marine Verado owner's manual.

Fuel Care Tips

Even more than the gas in your car, the gas in your boat needs special care to keep your engine running at peak performance. Gasoline begins to go bad within about two weeks. When left untreated, some of the fuel components begin to oxidize and form a gum-like substance. The substance settles in fuel lines and tanks, carburetors and injectors. When you try to burn this fuel, deposits can form in the combustion chamber. Over time, these deposits build up and reduce your engine’s performance.

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Fuel & Fuel Systems FAQs

Mercury has an extensive network of factory-trained dealers to help answer any questions you may have. Your authorized Mercury Marine dealer is your "go-to" for all things Mercury.

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