Tow Sports Boating Basics

Mercury Presents

Tow Sports Boating Basics

For our Tow Sports Boating Basics series, we partnered with Mercury-powered professional wakeboarders Carro Djupsjö and Dylan Miller, whose expert advice can help just about anyone get started wakesurfing or wakeboarding. With family and friends in mind, the series covers all the essential roles in a great day on the water: boat driver, spotter and rider. Carro and Dylan’s help will have you riding faster and pulling off sweet tricks in no time.



Technology & Terminology

Wakeboard & Wakesurf Terminology

Before you can ride, you need to figure out if you’re “regular” or “goofy” (seriously). We explain those terms, trick names and more.

How to Ballast a Boat for Wake Sports

Adding and adjusting weight within your boat helps achieve the right ballast for a rideable wake or wave.

Mercury Cruise Control & Smart Tow®

Mercury SmartCraft® digital technologies take the guesswork out of driving the boat, for a safer, easier experience.

Boat Operation

How to Drive for Wakesurfing

A great surfing experience starts with the perfect wake and a proper launch, beginning with these driving tips.

How to Drive for Wakeboarding

Learn exactly what it takes to safely launch, tow and pick up a wakeboarder.

How to Drive for Towed Watersports

For beginners at the helm, we’ll explain all you need to know to safely drive for towed watersports.

Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing

How to Wakesurf

Get ready to surf – with or without the rope – using our expert tips for getting started in this fast-growing sport.

How to Wakeboard

With proper body position, hand signals and technique, you’ll be standing up and riding the wake with confidence.



Be First-Aid Ready

Be First-Aid Ready

A well-stocked first-aid kit can be your ounce of prevention and your pound of cure. Stored in a waterproof container, it could prevent minor incidents from derailing your entire boating adventure.

Keep it Dry

Keep it Dry

Dry bags are invaluable for protecting important items on board your boat. Use them to store extra clothes, electronics, important paperwork and more.

Grab Your Gear

Grab Your Gear

Don’t forget your essentials: spare clothes, communication devices, headlamps with extra batteries, water, sun protection, personal flotation devices (PFDs) and any safety equipment required for where you boat.



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