Single-Engine Controls
Flush/Panel Mount

Years of quality boating behind them

Simple, reliable single-unit control for speed and shift

De techniek is onzichtbaar. De kwaliteit is dat niet.

The box is hidden. The quality is not.

Low-profile design. Thousands of hours of testing. In the lab. On the water. The choice for single-engine outboard, gas and diesel sterndrive applications.

Confort et sécurité.

Comfort and safety.

Ergonomic, soft-grip handle for hours of quality boating. Integrated trim button for easy on-the-run trim adjustments. Lanyard switch is mounted to the bezel for added boater safety.
Déverrouillage à une main.

One-hand release.

Traditional "lock bar" style with red bar to release engine from neutral. Or choose "finger release" style with button on side of top end.

Contact your local authorized Mercury Marine dealer to find the best control for you and your boat.

Câbles d'accélérateur et d'inversion de marche pour commandes mécaniques.

Throttle & Shift Cables for Mechanical Controls.

Available in a wide of range of construction types and lengths to match your boat, engine and your control station. Both digital and mechanical control options. For outboards, gas and diesel sterndrives and inboards. Mercury® has the throttle and shift cables that work.

Other cables are solid core. Sounds good, but it isn't. Mercury cables have a flexible core. They're more forgiving in tight, difficult installations. And more capable of handling shift loads. The idea is to bend, not break. And keep you on the water, not in the shop.

The toughest people on cables are Mercury engineers. It's about finding the right materials. And putting them through the most rigorous tests. It's all about confidence. Every system totally behind you. Including your cables.

Du er helt dekket. Helt ned til betjeningsenhetene og måleinstrumentene.

You're fully covered. Right down to the controls and gauges.

The outstanding warranty coverage on Mercury engines also extends to the controls and rigging components on your boat. If your builder or dealer uses genuine Mercury gauges and controls when installing the new engine on your boat, the warranty coverage for those rigging components now matches the total warranty of your engine. This means you could have up to an additional two years of control and rigging component coverage – based on the engine purchased.


Buy the Books
Buy the Books

You can order all available Mercury literature online or through any authorized Mercury dealer. Please have your outboard or sterndrive serial number before placing the order.

  • Operation, Maintenance, and Warranty Manuals
  • Parts Manual
  • Service Manual

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