Mercury Avator 20e - 35e
Electric Outboards

From the morning bite to the evening cruise and every sandbar in between, Mercury Avator™ 20e and 35e electric outboards are engineered to empower your perfect day. Their modular batteries give you the flexibility to optimize your propulsion system for wherever your imagination leads you.

Intuitive, Innovative Features
Modular Batteries

A Mercury Authorized Dealer will work with you to outfit your boat with the battery capacity you need. You can choose to connect directly to one 2300Wh battery for peak simplicity and portability, or you can extend your range and runtime by adding an Avator Power Center and connecting up to four batteries.

Power Center

The Power Center is an integrated hub that distributes power from the battery bank throughout the system. It can also charge up to four connected batteries at once from a single charging port.

Multi-Purpose Tiller Handle

The tiller handle adjusts up, down, left or right for comfortable steering from any position, with either hand. No tools required.

Digital Controls

For console boats, digital remote controls deliver instant throttle response, with no hesitation. Controls are available in three styles to fit a range of center- and side-console mounting positions.

Strong Transverse Flux Motor

Industry-first transverse flux motor technology delivers immediate torque and reliable, efficient power. The motor turns a high-thrust three-blade prop that further optimizes battery life.

Performance Data
Quick & Fun

The Avator 20e model can accelerate a 12-foot Lund® WC-12 boat at a similar rate as a 5hp four-stroke outboard, while the 35e model’s acceleration is similar to a 9.9hp four-stroke.

Smooth & Quiet

Smooth, quiet electric power will get you where you’re going without interrupting the conversation.

Superior Efficiency

From the transverse flux motor to the lithium-ion batteries, we’ve optimized every aspect of the Avator propulsion system to deliver more efficient overall performance than the competition.

Efficient Performance
Avator 35e Outboard with Two 2300Wh Batteries 20% Longer Runtime*
Electric Outboard Competitor A with One 5000Wh Battery
Sound Level (dB; At Full Throttle)
Avator 35e Outboard*
6hp Four-Stroke Combustion Outboard
Tiller Handle Vibration (mm/s^2)
Avator 35e Outboard*
6hp Four-Stroke Combustion Outboard
Avator Advantages

Smooth Performance: Precision tuning and vibration-isolating components help ensure your ride is quiet and smooth, keeping you better connected with nature.

Sustainability: Avator outboards transform the boating experience by making boating possible with no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions.

Corrosion Resistance: Every Avator outboard is engineered with proven corrosion-preventive materials and coatings, so you can boat confidently in freshwater or saltwater.

Easy Storage and Transport: With no fuel and no fumes, an Avator outboard is convenient to store at home or on your boat.

Avator Specifications
Avator Accessories and Connected Devices

Everything you need to enhance your Avator-powered adventures.

Avator Displays

Monitor your propulsion system and adjust settings from a vivid full-color display. On tiller models, the display is integrated with the outboard. Dash displays are available for boats with console steering.

SmartCraft Connect and the Mercury Marine App

A Mercury SmartCraft® Connect module comes pre-installed, allowing you to wirelessly connect the outboard to the Mercury Marine mobile app. Use the app to access performance data, visualized range estimates on a GPS map, a tool for connecting with your dealer and much more.

Charge One, Charge All

You can charge batteries individually using the integrated charging port on each battery or charge up to four connected batteries at once using the Power Center’s charging port. When charging individually, the 230W charger can recharge a fully depleted 2300Wh battery in approximately 10 hours. The higher-speed 520W charger can cut the charge time by more than 50 percent. Charging can be done from a standard household outlet.


Avator accessory options help protect your outboard and make days on the water easier. They include a custom-fit outboard carrying bag, props, chargers and more.


Avator outboards are backed by a three-year corrosion warranty in addition to the three-year limited warranty, which also extends to the controls and rigging. Avator batteries and charging accessories come with two years of limited factory warranty.

Become an Avator Insider

Be among the first to hear about the latest electrification product updates, news and helpful tips for enjoying your Avator-powered adventures.

Get to Know Avator Outboards

Our handy how-to videos show you how to make the most of the innovative features of Avator outboards.


Learn more about Avator electric propulsion systems and all the ways Mercury helps boaters boldly pursue their adventures.

The Best Products have the Best Dealers

When you make the best marine products in the world, you want the best dealers behind them. That’s why we ensure that Mercury dealers are the best equipped to sell and service our products. Your Mercury Authorized Dealer is the best place to see and purchase Mercury engines as well as genuine Mercury Precision Parts and Accessories. And with thousands of dealers around the world, you can rest assured we’re always close by and ready to help you go boldly.

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