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Angler Spotlight – Mercury Pro Edwin Evers claims astounding season-ending win

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Angler Spotlight – Mercury Pro Edwin Evers claims astounding season-ending win

LACROSSE, Wis. – Mercury Pro Edwin Evers is the 2019 REDCREST Champion of the season-ending Major League Fishing® (MLF) Bass Pro Tour event. Evers lapped the field with a remarkable 63 scoreable bass for 85 pounds, 6 ounces Sunday. His closest pursuers were Mercury pros Greg Hackney (40-07) and Greg Vinson (29-06).

With the win, Evers joins Mercury teammate Kevin VanDam in accomplishing the tournament season trifecta – winning an individual event (Stage 2 at Lake Conroe), the series points title, and the tour championship. VanDam accomplished the feat in 2010 on the Bassmaster circuit.

Evers had high confidence in a spring-fed, baitfish-choked, backwater lake in Pool 7 of the Mississippi River. He had discovered the area in previous trips to the fishery and knew the winning fish could be living there. Low water levels did not make access to the secluded area easy, but a determined Evers pushed his Mercury-powered Nitro Z21 rig over, around, under, and even through limbs, trees, floating debris, and a beaver dam to get into the lake.

The area proved to be worth the effort as he jumped out to an early lead, added consistent catches during the middle of the day, and then slammed the door shut on the rest of the 10-man field in the afternoon. The Period 3 flurry occurred in the same area of the small lake he accessed earlier that morning.

“Were they allowed to trailer their boats up here?” asked a local angler watching the afternoon catch-fest. “This lake isn’t accessible right now from the main river is it? How is he in here catching bass on every cast.” 

A small group of locals and media members witnessed yet another example of Evers’ determination and desire to do whatever it takes to accomplish a goal.

“I sat there and caught them every cast for a while,” said Evers. “I was so tried. I hadn’t drunk anything or eaten anything all day. My arms were cramping from catching so many fish. It was an amazing day.”

It was indeed an amazing day and an amazing victory that put a cap on an epic season-long performance spent overcoming off-water adversity for the Oklahoma pro as well. After a round of Bass Pro Tour competition at Smith Lake in late April, Evers learned his home had been hit by a tornado and severe flooding. A local news helicopter broadcasted Evers’ shop and home with tackle and gear clearly strewn all over the property. Evers’ beloved pecan farm suffered massive damage to both trees and equipment.

The Evers family took it in stride and pushed onward. 

“We poured the slab on our new house this week and I’m glad we did because had we known this win (and the $300,000 winner’s prize) was coming, we might have wanted to pour it a lot bigger,” Evers joked.

After the epic trophy-haul this year on the Bass Pro Tour, Evers might end up needing some extra space in that new house after all!

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