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Quick Tip: Protect Your Boat and Outboard from the Stress and Strain of Trailering

An outboard support device takes a load off your transom and engine.


It’s no secret that trailering can take its toll on your boat and outboard over time. Bumpy roads, abrupt stops and harmonic vibrations all put stresses on your rig, especially the boat’s transom and the outboard’s tilt/trim system.

Trailering with the engine in a vertical position puts the least amount of strain on the motor and transom, but that’s not possible for many boat/trailer/engine combinations due to ground clearance issues. So how do you get from your storage area to the boat ramp and back without cringing at every pothole and speedbump? The answer, thankfully, is easy and inexpensive: an aftermarket outboard support device, available at most dealerships and marine retailers.

In this Mercury Quick Tip, you’ll see how to mount and adjust an outboard support device – typically a strong metal rod that spans the gap between the outboard’s lower unit and the back of the boat trailer. There are numerous sizes and types of devices available, so consult your marine professional to ensure you select the right one for your setup. Once the initial installation is complete, it takes just a moment to put in place and secure as part of your pre-trailering routine.

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Quick Tip: Protect Your Boat and Outboard from the Stress and Strain of Trailering
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