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Quick Tip: Pre-Boating Inspection & Safety Checklist

This inspection will only take a few minutes, but it could very well save you a frustrating delay – or worse – as you get to the important business of enjoying a day away from business.


The weekend is finally here! Time to leave the stress of the weekdays behind and pit your wits against your favorite species of fish, or perhaps just relax and enjoy fresh air, beautiful water and awesome sunshine.

However, you first need to do a bit of preparation to ensure you kick off your outing safely and wisely. In this Mercury Quick Tip video, we’ll show you a few seemingly small but important steps that must be accomplished prior to every trip to ensure your boat and gear get onto the ramp and in the water with no hassles or snafus. Some of these are simple common-sense procedures – like securing loose gear so it doesn’t blow out on the road on the way to the ramp. There are other items you may not have considered – such as putting the boat in the forward gear to prevent the propeller from spinning during towing. And still others are steps you probably know by heart but simply can’t be repeated too often.

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