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More Trolling Power, Better Trolling Control

New Mercury 9.9hp EFI ProKicker starts fast and reliably.

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New Mercury 9.9hp EFI ProKicker

The new lightweight, tournament-grade Mercury 9.9hp EFI ProKicker has it all: Fast, reliable starting; controlled throttle response in all weather conditions; quick and easy no-mess engine oil and filter change; reliability you can count on and a whole lot more. The 9.9hp EFI ProKicker is based on Mercury’s 15/20hp EFI platform and is offered in remote control and tiller models.

Like all Mercury ProKicker outboards, the 9.9hp EFI delivers superior torque for greater acceleration and features a deeper gearcase and a four-blade high-thrust propeller with matching gear ratio for precise trolling control. Rugged durability is delivered by robust gears and bearings, and the fastest power tilt in the industry drops the motor into the water in just 5 seconds!

The exclusive tiller handle on the 9.9hp EFI ProKicker is longer and adjustable for port or starboard boat operation installation through a side-to-side angle adjustment with six positions, an adjustable throttle grip (right- or left-hand control), and tilt-angle locking positions at 45 and 73 degrees for easy access and secure high-speed running.

Exclusive centering straps automatically straighten and lock the 9.9hp EFI outboard when tilted up and are standard on tiller handle models.

The 9.9hp EFI ProKicker features 9 amps charging output at 1500 rpm for strong charging at trolling speeds. The engine is available in remote control or tiller models, with 20-inch and 25-inch shaft lengths.

Contact your local Mercury Authorized Dealer for more information on the Mercury 9.9hp EFI ProKicker.

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