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Mercury Adds Country Music Playlist on Spotify

Enjoy the sounds of Nashville hits on your next boating adventure

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Mercury Adds Country Music Playlist on Spotify

Few music genres pay homage to spending time outdoors as often – or as authentically – as country music. In fact, based on their lyrics, many of the country stars making their living in Nashville seemingly feel just as at home on the local reservoir as they do on the big stage. And boaters clearly appreciate the connection in the music. Spend any time anchored up in a bay or beached on a popular sandbar in just about any waterway, and you’re sure to hear a few of today’s country hits piped out over the water.

Now you can ensure your boating adventures always include a soundtrack of the hottest contemporary country songs, curated just for the water, by streaming the latest Spotify® playlist from the team at Mercury Marine®. The all-new Summer Boating-Country playlist includes recommendations from Mercury fans, Mercury Pro Team members and staff, and it includes enough references to fishing and boating fun to know that the people who put it together appreciate being on the water as much as you.

If country music is your jam, check out the Summer Boating-Country playlist the next time you head to the lake. It’s the second in a series of Mercury playlists available free for all Spotify users. You can also stream the Summer Boating-Rock playlist. As more Mercury playlists become available, you can always find them by searching for “Mercury Marine” under playlists in Spotify.


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