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Cook your Catch | National Lobster Day

Here's a Tastey Grill Recipe from Mercury Pro Peter Miller

On the Water

National Lobster Day only comes once a year, but that doesn’t
mean you can’t cook up a fantastic lobster dish year-round. But
why wait until you’re back on land to get started. Take a page out
of Peter Miller’s book and put your boat grill to good use.

Lobster tails
Olive oil
Garlic salt
Parmesan cheese
Mac and cheese (or side of your choosing)

Get the grill really hot.
Cut straight up the lobster tails with scissors or a knife and pry
the shell apart to release the meat. Follow by giving your tails a
quick rinse in the ocean (optional).

Place your lobster tails in a re-sealable plastic bag. Add olive oil
and garlic salt and shake it up.

Now to the good part: throw the lobsters on the grill.
And because no meal would be complete without sides, pull out
premade mac and cheese, pack it into aluminum foil container, and
place on the grill to heat up. If mac and cheese isn’t your thing, feel
free to substitute for your favorite side—but really, who doesn’t like
mac and cheese?

While your food is cooking, slice a lemon and melt a stick of butter
on the grill.

Once the lobster tails have curled up, lightly give each a little cut.
Finally, sprinkle parmesan over the lobster to taste.
Pile your food on a plate, add a tablespoon of the melted butter,
and squeeze your lemon over top.

Cook your Catch | National Lobster Day
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Cook your Catch | National Lobster Day
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