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Cook Your Catch: How to Fillet Crappie

Mike Hohner from Lindner’s Angling Edge is an expert at filleting crappie, and in this video he’ll demonstrate his fool-proof method of quickly cleaning crappie.

On the Water

Crappie can be found in practically every corner of North America and are widely known as some of the tastiest freshwater fish on the continent. They can get into the 4-pound range, but most anglers consider a keeper to be 10-12 inches long and approaching a pound or so in weight. Crappie are also plentiful in many areas and are relatively easy to catch, making the species a popular target for recreational anglers across the U.S. and Canada.

But like most panfish, crappie can be a little intimidating to clean. After all, the fillets from a fish this size are easily torn up by an unskilled hand, and nobody wants to waste a single morsel of something as tasty as crappie. Not to worry: Mike Hohner from Lindner’s Angling Edge is an expert, and in this video he’ll demonstrate his fool-proof method of quickly cleaning crappie and ensuring every bit of this prized fish makes its way to the plate.

Hehner of Brainerd, Minnesota, is a lifelong angler and outdoorsman, and has a fisheries degree from the University of Minnesota. He works, among other endeavors, as a field producer for the Lund Ultimate Fishing Experience TV show.

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How to Filet Crappie
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