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Cook Your Catch: Wahoo Ceviche with Grilled Avocado and Jalapeño-Lime Vinaigrette

Winter doesn’t have to be all heavy stews and roasts. This January, why not try  something a little brighter? Featuring tangy citrus notes balanced by smoky  flavors and a hint of heat, this recipe for wahoo ceviche with grilled avocado ...

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MudbuMs create their own brand of river fun

Not your typical buddies gone fishin’ Where does a group of gritty outdoorsmen named The MudbuMs fish? If you’re standing on a train trestle, looking downstream and wondering what’s around the next bend, that’s where these guys fish – around the next bend, ...

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Winter brings big fish to Southeast U.S.

Water temperatures and migrating baitfish often determine the bite  It’s a winter condition that’s nearly as predictable as the holiday shopping rush at your local mall: Boats fishing out of ports in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and the Carolinas encounter ...

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Carter Andrews isn’t after pan-sized trout

The name – The Obsession of Carter Andrews – says it all. Carter Andrews is absolutely obsessed with catching fish. Maybe “possessed” is more accurate. His goals can be boiled down to this: catch the biggest, strongest, wildest fish everywhere. ...

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Don’t Rock the Boat, Baby

Photo Boat Driver TJ Beatty Is Known for His Smooth Moves You won’t find “Wanted: Photo Boat Driver” on recruitment sites such as That job, which requires marine photographers to go anywhere and do almost anything to get the best ...

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Cook Your Catch: Friday Fish Fry

Love fish? Try cooking fillets Wisconsin style Nothing brings together friends, family and communities like a giant sit-down dinner – no matter where you live. Whether it’s a Hawaiian Luau, a Western barbeque, gallons of gumbo in New Orleans or ...

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Water ski team sets world record with Mercury support

The Rock Aqua Jays water ski team in Janesville, Wisconsin – with triple 300hp Mercury Racing outboards on the transom and help from two other ski teams – has established a Guinness World Record for the largest human pyramid on ...

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Finding and catching that “musky of a lifetime”

By Jim Saric Host of Musky Hunter TV series Publisher/Editor of Musky Hunter magazine As we trolled around the reef for a second pass we dropped our lures deeper to make contact with a few deeper boulders. I watched the ...

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Northwest anglers help those in need through Oregon Tuna Classic

PORTLAND, ORE. — West Coast tuna expert and businessman Del Stephens remembers the letters stamped on boxes that would arrive occasionally in winter months at his childhood home in Harrisburg, Oregon. Emblazoned with the letters USDA and bearing the iconic shield ...

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Cook Your Catch: Shellfish Paella

Paella, named for the pan it’s cooked in, is a Valencian rice dish that was originally cooked by farm workers over a wood fire for their lunchtime meals. Today though, this Spanish classic is the perfect meal to share and ...

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